Ok ladies I need you more than ever.
As some of you might remember I'd convinced myself that I was PG last month cos AF was 2 days late but she sneaked up on me much to my disappointment, Has no PMA this month and we'd only BD'd a couplke of times (not necessarily when I was OVing) Had convinced myself we hadn't done enough this month.
I'd told myself if AF was late again this month (was due yesterday) that I'd wait till saturday before testing. But a had an urge tonight cos I thought that if it was a BFN I could just get on with it and not be thinking about it. Tested with an ebay cheapie and got what a think was a faint line!!!!!!!!!!
Just been to Asda to get a CBD to test in the morning. Still scared to get my hopes up. x

Did the test this morning having had the worst nights sleep ever. And got my BFP!!!!!!!!!! says I'm 1-2 weeks. Will try and get to the doctors on monday.

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