How many times hav people BD'd before getting BFP each cycle

Just wondering because I never know when is the best time and it would be interesting to hear if people are catching more around ovulation or nearer to when they end AF. Me and DH are having more sex throughout the month now so we don't just do it around ovulation

Also how long were you ttc before getting BFP

Thanks alot


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  • not sure if this is any help....

  • Hi, I posted this somewhere else today so you might already know what Im about to say... but we went for every other day from the last day of my period and then every day while I was ovulating and then every other day again until my period was due. I fell in the first month but I think that may have just been luck, as my friend has been doing exactly the same as me but still hasnt had her BFP xx
  • Hiya, well my doctor said to bd every 3-4 days but the month we got our BFP we only did it the once (the day before I ov'd) due to a family crisis happening. I automatically thought we were out for that month but it seems that it really only does take that one time! I think it's doing it the few days around ov that is really crucial. Good luck! x
  • We were ttc for 3 months, First 2 months bd'd like mainiacs everyday for over 2 weeks as soon as af stopped. The month we got bfp, bd'd every other day from end of af until 1 week before af was due again.

    My advice (not that i know much) is that whatever you're doing maybe try something different. Like when we got bfp we didn't bother with legs in the air and did it at a different time of the day.
  • Thanks girls I will try your options, so excited this month, really hope it works for us. xxx
  • Once a day for the fertile bit and stayed lying down after for a bit. It worked.
    Sticky baby dust for everyone!
  • first pregnancy i got cought on the second month,we bd one day before ov and a day after and i got my bfp,and this pregnancy this was our first month of really trying as the month before my oh was working away but we bd every 2-3 days and when i got a + on the ov stick we bd every day for 4 days and i got my bfp again,we have been really lucky and i also didnt move for about 30 mins,things we do eh! :lol: good luck


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