What would you do?

Hi ladies
I'm just looking for your opinion on something, hope you can help. I am currently on the 2ww and it is my sister in law's wedding on sunday (i am a bridesmaid). I will be 9dpo by then.

I'm not a big drinker and never have been but i won't not drink and certainly always will on special occasions like this. I know there are going to be alcoholic drinks with the meal, toast etc. This might sound really awful but I honestly think I'm going to just think to hell with it and drink what I want. I have heard people say before that the longer people are trying to conceive the less particular they are about eating/drinking the right stuff etc and now that I'm on month 11 I can definitely say that I am starting to think I will just carry on regardless until I find I'm pregnant. (A far cry from how I was in say months 1 and 2!)

I know it might seem obvious to not drink 'just in case' but to be honest I am fed up with not doing things only be met with the witch at the end of the month. I am really looking forward to the wedding and am really mad that my 2ww has dared to be at the same time lol! I know if I drank and then was pregnant I would probably feel guilty but I'm also worried about the psychological negative effect of always denying myself things for something that never was, if that makes sense? After all, who knows how long ttc could last?

Sorry for the ramble, I just wondered what you would do?

TigerBoo X


  • Hi hun
    I got extremely drunk when I was about 4 weeks pregnant with my ds (didn't know at the time) and that did no visible damage to him, I asked the midwife about this once I found out as I was soooo worried and she told me that because your "baby" is just a cluster of cells then it's very unlikely to do damage, that is what I was told anyway.
    Hope that helps.
    Enjoy the wedding.
  • I would have a few!

    Same as MummyEm, I had a bit of a boozy night when I was about 2 weeks pregnant, obviously I didn't know at the time (I was also a heavy smoker until I found out I was expecting DS at 7 weeks gone, like 30 a day!) and it's done no damage to him whatsoever.

    Relax, enjoy yourself and have a wonderful day, I love weddings!!xx
  • I would have a drink - you cant put your life on hold because you're ttc!!

    Loads of my friends seemed to get excessively drunk before finding out they were pregnant and they all have beautiful, healthy children!!xxx
  • I go married and had several drinks too many when i was 4/5 weeks pregnant with my eldest daughter as didn't know i was preg because i was on the pill. so go ahead enjoy the day and try not to worry about things.
  • I agree with all the posts on here - you can't put your life on hold for a 'maybe'. You need to chill out and be yourself, have a good time and not worry. If you do get your bfp you won't be drinking for 9mths + anyway! Enjoy xx
  • I agree, before 6/7 weeks the umbilical cord isn't yet formed so baby is not taking what it needs directly from you anyway hun xx
  • Hi,

    One of my friends got very drunk at 5 weeks before she found out she was pregnant and I had some drinks and got merry at a birthday party the day before I got my BFP. ( I kind've suspected I was PG, and wanted one last drink!).

    On your 2WW the embryo might not even have implanted yet and as the others have said at that stage bubs is just a cluster of cells that will be using it's own 'yolk' from its sack for nurishment.

    Fingers crossed for you and have a good time at the wedding. xxx
  • i had my 20th birthday when i was about 4/5 weeks pg with dd1 unbeknown to me of course and she was absolutly fine, i did beat myself up about it for ages as i found out 5 days after my birthday party. but dont worry relaxing is the best approach to ttc although not the easiest. xxx
  • Ladies, you're all right - I'm having a few! Thank you so much for replying! X
  • Heya hon, I was 8 weeks pg before I found out I was pregnant with my first lo - the friday night I got hammered at a friends party. The next morning I realised af was late and tested... BFP. Did him no harm at all so I say go for it! xx
  • I would have a drink hun. Lots of women don't find out they're pregnant until they are a few weeks gone and I'm sure there's something about the baby not picking up things in yiour blood stream untill a bit later (5 or 6 weeks or something). Enjoy! x
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