Where to buy preseed????

Can anyone tell me where I can buy preseed online? Also is it really as good as they make out it is? Thanks xxx


  • Hiya - I get mine from access diagnostics (think it is about 10.99 for 6 applications or 7ish for 3 but p&p is free). I reckon it's pretty good, it feels quite nice (OH likes it too). This is my 2nd month of using it and am on my 2ww so fingers crossed for a BFP! x
  • www.med-direct.co.uk this is where i get mine from. 8.50 for 6. ive used it for 2 months. we both like it!!!
  • Ive seen it on cheap on ebay (think its from usa) tho, so postage could be long wait.
  • I bought mine off ebay for 10.99 for 6. Bought before 5pm and it arrived the next day
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