What to do???

Hi all

AF was due on Friday/Saturday as I have a 27/28 day cycle.
Did FR HPTs on weds and fri but all BFN's! Now technically 2 days over but surely if i was pg then the FR would have picked it up???
Is this AF playing games with me?
When would you test again?
I have no symptoms of AF or pg only a cramp in the centre when i woke up this morning but has faded through the day and still no af?

Confused! HELP!


  • I'd test with FMU tomorrow morning if you have any tests left.
    Everything crossed for a shy BFP.
  • mplantation can take a while so if you test early and it's BFN it doesn't mean much.
    Test again in a couple of days
    Keeping my fingers crossed for you
  • I didn't want to read and run so i thought i'd say that maybe you should test in a few days maybe with a Superdrug test as they are a more sensitive test than the FR test.

    Fingers crossed that you have a shy BFP xx
  • Hi hun, seeing as the latest you would have been due would have been sat, i would get a superdrug or another fr hpt and test tomorrow or tuesday. good luck and keep us posted on the result xx
  • thanks guys.
    i know im technically still in the running but tbh im sure its just af being a b***h! Im going to get a superdrug test later and test in the morning before work.
    Thanks all! x x x x
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