2ww anyone?

Hi all,

Im CD18, 1DPO - is anyone else??
I'm already getting fidgety. DH & I BD'd when we were supposed to, eating healthier, taking sanatogen mother & father to be vits, drinking less fizzy drinks and more water, basically we have created and actively having a healthier life style.

Just wanted to know if there was anyone else out there who was in the same boat basically? xx :\)


  • Well, actually now Im CD19, 2DPO - didnt realise the time!!!! xx
  • lol, well i am but you knew that!! didn' want to r&r...
    btw how many +ves did you get?
    i got two so would you count from the 1st, 2nd or 1st -ve??
    no ewcm or cm really so hoping i actually did! xx
  • Hiya, I'm 2dpo today as well!
    Its my 21st (I think) 2ww so it'd be good to have some people to go through it with.
    Af is due on the 12th (my 41st birthday) at the latest and I am so hoping that she doesn't find me.
    Hope this a lucky thread for us!
  • I'm with you!! I think?!?!? lol
    If I go by all the signs and ov calculators then I think I'm in the 2ww but I never got a smiley on my opk so not 100% sure whats gone on?!?!
    Good luck ladies, hopefully the time will fly by! x
  • I hope so ladies,...its already driving me crazy!!!! Can't stop thinking about it. I want another baby sooo much...I came of depo Nov 08, didnt get periods until August 09 and we have been taking a more relaxed view of TTC, but this month I don't know whats happened to me - Ive become obsessed!! :lol:

    Smudgesmith - I would count the first day you got a negative reading as 1DPO, thats what Ive done - I got positives on CD16 & 17, and negative the next so I counted CD18 as 1DPO.....I'm only 2DPO.....I need to relax and forget about it for a while otherwise I will end up symptom spotting & then making myself feel worse if I do have a BFN....might take on some extra work at work as my best friend there is 16-17 weeks pregnant and she is really tired at the moment, so might take the pressure off her for a bit!! image

    Helen, my god, your 21st time!!!! how did you pass the time?? xx
  • hey
    im on cd23 of 27/28 day cycle so nearly ready to test!
    I have two packs of 2 FR HPTs (BOGOF @boots)
    Im okay to start the wait but these last few drag the most i think and hubby has to hide the tests so i dont use them all before af due!
    i just luuuurrrrve to POAS!


  • Helen, my god, your 21st time!!!! how did you pass the time?? xx

    I hate it!!!! Most months I don't find the first week too bad but the second is hell! I'm a symptom spotter too which really doesn't help and I'm starting to feel like I'm running out of time. However I do try to be positive because that makes it easier.
    I'm going to be quite busy next week which should help too.
    Hope we all have an easy 2ww this time.
  • Hiya hjanea
    My Mum was 43 when she had her youngest now 5. There is a 20 year age gap between us and it did raise eyebrows although much more common even in just 5 years!
    It is possible just dont give up!


  • Thanks Mrs allen, to be told of others who have concieved late really does help my PMA.
  • Hi there everyone,

    I'm (probably - but had a bit of an odd month this month) CD18, 4DPO. Just have a feeling that we didn't make it this month, so (trying) to be very anaylitical about things; no symptom spotting and no HPT's unless AF is late, although like you mrsallen, I love poas too! strange the little things that give you a buzz!

    Fingers crossed for everyone

    hjanea - my friend's mum had her and her sister girls in her 40's so never so never!
  • Sorry if Tmi, ive got the itchiest boobs at the moment. Thought it was in my head, but my god its so annoying. Same washing powder, fabric conditioner etc, so I just have no idea!!! Its way too early to be ss. Im getting very strange looks in my office!!! x
  • Ooh! It ate my reply!

    Can I join you? I was due to ivulate on the 27th but I think I ovulated on the 24th which puts me 6 DPO. I've been feeling queasy since Saturday but I think that's more down to excitement than anything else image
  • Lol I'm not quite with you yet mrslolly! After coming to the conclusion that I'd either not ov'ed or those blimin sticks didn't work with me I thought I'd pee on my last one when I got up this morning for the hell of it- and there it was, a cute little smiley face! Lol so cd21 so either tomorrow or Wed will be 1dpo x

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  • I don't have much PMA at the moment, this morning ive had itchy (.) (.), lots of CM & now I feel like Im about to come on!!!! Whats going on?

    MrsFozz - finally a smiley face at least now you know where in your cycle you are!! xx
  • Mrslolly is there any chance you might be ov'ing still? Thats how I am at the mo (minus the itchy (.)(.)!)
  • I got a negative on cd18, so dont think i could still be ov - shall i poas and see?? xx
  • Hi ladies - can i join you please? |Got a +ive smiley face on ov stick on fri 27th which was cd20. Cycles usually 35ish days so hoping af doesn't arrive by sun 13th - which is when i may test if i don't get poas addicted before then!

    Good luck to you all,
    here's hoping for lots of bfps!

    ps. If i haven't said hi yet - hi there! x
  • Hiya MaybeBaby2 - I take it you already have a little one hence the name? Of course you can join in - the more the merrier!!!!

    I did an ov test and its negative so not ov....i just dont know whats causing how ive been feeling today. i actually threw myself into my work trying not to think about TTC for a change!!!!!!

    Instead I think I am coming down with something as I am just waiting to go to bed as im soooo tired...im only 3DPO so doubt anything is happening implantation wise image xx
  • shall i poas and see?? xx

    :lol: You're already obsessed woman!!! :lol:

    I got itchy (.)(.)'s a few minutes ago and thought of you! :lol:

    If you've already had a -ve I wouldn't bother (unless you need to satisfy that urge!).
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