Rang NHS Direct about my 108 day (and counting) cycle

And they said my periods should have settled down by now - 6 months off the pill. She said I should go back to the doctor so they can rule out any other causes apart from the pill just messing things up.

Not sure what to do as the doctor told me last time to wait another 4 or 5 months. I think if it gets to the end of July and still no AF then I'll go back to the doctor.

What do you think?



  • just go to the docs babe, thats wat there bloody there 4, just c another doc if needed, you shouldn't feel like u cant go back, just say its making u really depressed and that you need to know for your own peace of mind xxxxxxx
  • Moomin - try another doc at your surgery and quote NHS direct at them. Your body - you are entitled to another opinion - esp if your GP is the old fashioned sort or is out of date. Not sure what they can do but then I'm not a doctor!
  • Well it is making me really depressed and i am starting to suspect something is wrong, especially since the whole reason I went on the pill in the first place was to sort out my irregular cycles. So I think you're right. That was the first time I saw that particular doctor so hopefully if i go again it might be back to my usual one!
  • Make another appointment and tell the doctor what NHS direct said and tell them that it's really getting you down. They should take your mental well being as a consideration.
  • Lentil, only problem was the GP I saw that time was the head GP of that surgery and he used to work in a fertility unit before becoming a GP so I suppose he knows what he's talking about.

    But as above, it is upsetting me a lot so I think it's worth having another talk.

    Also I think he meant go back in 4 or 5 months if I haven't re-established a regular cycle, but it is another month gone by already without AF even appearing (4 months in total)! It can't be right!
  • Is there a female GP in your surgery? I found them to be much more sympathetic when I was having problem with my cycle when trying to conceive Zara
  • thats kinda good news! Make another appointment with GP and insist that they do something! Its not fair to leave you waiting all this time without af or anything!!!!
  • Hun I would defo say see another doctor. This is not right they should have come up now and they can't leaving you hanging like this it's just not on.

    They should be able to do a scan or some test just to make sure all is ok and it will make you feel better, as it will feel like your doing something and moving forward.

    Best of luck babe xxx
  • Thanks for the comments girls.

    No there isn't a female doctor in my surgery unfortunatley. Still feeling a bit nervous about going back though.
  • I know what you mean moomin, its not fun having to go to the doctors when your apprehenive, but whats the worst that can happen? They say come back in 3 months? Atleast you would have tried.

    Im off to the doctors in 3 hours and im really nervous - you never know what they might say so you cant prepare yourself, but you have to take the plunge.

    Try ringing the surgury - they may have a new female doctor or a female covering somone's holiday?

    keep us informed.
  • Thanks Mrs Dickson, you're right! And good luck with your appointment this afternoon. Let us know how you get on.

  • Make the appointment! If they query it when you get there say you obviously misunderstood and thought they meant 4/5 months in total.

    Get going!
    x x
  • Hey Moomin, i would def go back. After 6 months they should be looking into something. If they'd seen me back sooner i could have been on tablets, ov and pg by now. Wishful thinking maybe but anyway, i'd go back again. Good luck hun.
  • You have to go to the docs - and see another one for a 2nd opinion! 6mths is a long time with no AF - bug them until they sort it lol xx
  • thanks girls, I'm going to wait about 2 weeks more then go back - that will be over 4 months since my last AF. I like your thinking Gypsy that I can say - i thought you meant wait til 4 months since I haven't had an AF - not another 4 monthsimage

    SLOW, I agree that I would like them to start looking into things such as PCOS. I have always been suspicious that I might have this - in fact the reason i was put on the pill in the first place was because of my irregular and heavy periods, so it does add up.

    Thanks so much for all your support girls xxxxx
  • Have you called them chick?
  • Hi Gypsy

    Thanks for your post, it's good to hear from you ;\)

    I am going to wait until next week and make an appointment for Friday as I have the day off anyway so won't have to take time out of work. Also that will make it just coming up for 4 months since my last AF.

    I am trying to stay positive though as I had more ewcm last night so you never know perhaps I'm about to ovulate! I'm not holding my breath though as this has happened many times but never followed into an actual ovulation! We BD'd last night though too so keeping everything crossed that it is Ov and even more so that it might catch! Not likely though.

    Anyway, we'll see how it goes.

    How you getting on? Are you onto Month 7 now?
  • Hiya, okay, makes sense to get the appointment for next week. Hope they're more helpful now!

    Yep, we're in month 7 which kind of sucks to be honest! My mate got pregnant 8 months after coming off the pill and said "bet you get pregnant a lot quicker as you're a lot healthier etc ec" Hmm.....

    I had cramps this morning and I though AF was arriving 2 days early, but nothing all day. My boobs go through times when they hurt if I prod them a bit to just hurting on their own - like now! The location of the pain seems to change too which is odd. Might test tomorrow morning, or wait till Saturday when AF is due, especially as I'm meant to be out for cocktails that day! I just feel a tiny bit different this month, so I'm hoping. If there's no BFP then I'm going to the docs because I can't cope with the madness each month - different and more symptoms each month is driving me crazy and I'm sure it can't be normal!!!

    Come on Mother Nature, help us girlies out here!!
  • Well those signs definitely sound promising!!! Let us know immediately if you get your BFP!! I will have to log on tomorrow now to find out (don't always get on at the weekend).

    I had more ewcm yesterday and me & dh did the deed last night so still keeping fingers crossed!!!

    Good luck for your BFP xxxx
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