anyone wanna chat,im totally bored lol

doesnt have to be ttc related either image and its friday night image

my hubby is sorting all his kilt stuff for the wedding were going to tomorrow,hes been polishng his shoes for a week now so i think he'l be busy all night lol


  • Hey!

    Hows u?
    Im bored too, only so much i can do on Facebook lol.

    How long have u been trying for a baby? Is this your 1st? xx
  • hey chick,i no lol FB is boring me also image

    im good how about you?

    weve been ttc no2 for 2 years now so really belong in ltttc but i like the energy in here,my little boy Lennon was 3 yesterday image time has went by so quickly xx
  • Aw sorry to hear it is taking so long, hope you get your bfp very soon image
    Aw wow, happy bday Lennon.
    Did it take you long to concieve him? xx
  • he wa a supride baby but we werent uisng anything hhmmm doesnt make sense lol but we were enjoyng ourself shall we say haha

    is this your first month back ttc no 2??
  • Yes our 1st month, fell straight away last time, so im trying not to get dissapointed if i dont this time, i know it doesnt work that way, but fingers crossed.
    Jaimi-Lee is 16months now and we just feel itd be a nice age gap image
    Where do u live/? x
  • aww yeah i think that will be a great age gap,she looks so sweet in your avatar image

    im up in bonny scotland,what about you?

    i never thought ttc the 2nd it would ever take this long,never thought their would be anything wrong in that department having already had 1 quite annoying lol im quite over weight so i think this is the factor so tryng to sort that out,then i'l be ready to go to the docs xx
  • OMG Im in Scotland too, in East Lothian, where are u?? lol

  • im over in east fife,not too far but not too close either image im next to the forth road bridge,about a 3 min drive from there
  • Aw thats nice, no not too far image

    The 1st time i was on here there was hardly any scots on lol!!
  • lol theirs been a few but know what you mean,some ive went to school with,some who live 5 mins away and were now good friends,met through here but i was at school with her now hubby image small world,think you just missed the influx of jocks lol ncie to know theirs Scotts on here eh...
  • I have made some amazing friends on here! We all still chat and have met up, some i am soo close too, and i class as my best friends, i love this site image x
  • yeah its great...when evryone gets along eh but their hasnt been any trolls....well like their was back then in ages most of 2010 has been free and you never get any trouble in ttc image
  • well chick early night for us,got a wedding tomorrow and will need a good sleep lol

    was nice chatting to you,hope to chat some more,dont be a stranger lol image x
  • Night hun,
    Nice to meet u xx
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