Where's my line gone?!?

I'm on CD12 and been doing my OPK's. The first day I got a faint line but nothing since then!! I know both indicate a negative and I think i'm going to be ov'ing sometime between thursday and monday so shouldn't expect anything but I always have to worry about something so atm its that my LH is disappearing and i'll never get a positive! It's the first time i've used OPK's so is this normal? I'm using cheapies from home health if that makes a difference?


  • Sorry I cant help plumduff but I didnt want to leave you hanging, I use CBD OPK so that I can see the smiley face! xx
  • Hi hun, don't worry, LH happens in surges so one day there will be nothing and the next you will get your line. The thing with the tests your using (I use the same ones) they say that the line has to be the same or darker than the control but I find 9 times out of 10 it isn't so I take any line as a positive and it works for me that way xx
  • hiya hun i was the same as you, saw a slight rise around cd10 then nothing and i was convinced id never ovulate but finally after testing everyday i had my positive at cd20! it literally goes from the faintest of faint lines to a really strong line overnight, so just keep testing image xx
  • Oh good i'm glad it's normal! I blame my mother she worries about every little thing and she's passed it onto me image I know that I will worry about this until I get a +, if I don't get preg this month i'll be convinced there's something wrong with me and don't get me started with pregnancy worries...!
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