Do you think about names??

Hi girls,

Thought it might be quite nice to see what everyone thinks about names? We are always concentrating on the ttc bit but I know I think about baby names all the time!! Do you have any favourites? Do you have a family name that is special?

Would be lovely to hear your thoughts.........I'll go first

Jonathan (Johnny)




  • Well, I already have a Charlotte and an Alexander so these are the names we are thinking of this time round.


  • W have we love:

    Boy Matthew William- matthew for a first name as I love it and william after my dad and my grandad

    Girl - Rose Louise or Emma Louise - Rose because again we love it and after father in laws mum and Louise after my nan and great nan and it;s also my middle name. We just love Emma as well.

    K xxx
  • ooo they are all lovely, my middle name is lucy and I like it. wouldn't it be jonny if you have jonathan? I also really like the Irish spelling of rory, although I can't remember it at the moment.

    I like

    hubby likes seamus (bleurgh).

    but find girl's names more difficult to choose as don't have any nice family ones to choose from.
  • Of course we think about names. Anyone who says they haven't is lying. If it were up to me it would be
    Girl - Tabitha
    Boy - Alexander
    But my boyfriend hates Tabitha, so we have compromised on.
    Boy - William or Edward
    Girl - Lucy or Lily
  • I have 5 children so ive already used up nearly all the names i like! lol. If i have a girl then we will call her sophie, if a boy then michael. My other children are called, david, claire, sarah, andrew and matthew, i prefer traditional names. xx
  • Hi Lucille, you might be right with the spelling of Jonny!! It's just that Jonathan is my DH's middle name.

    How do you pronounce the 1st and 3rd of your girls names? My step sister's name was Catriona (similar).

    There's some lovely names listed so far from you all. My list might grow longer!!
  • 1st aibhlin - pronounced like evelyn more or less
    3rd aine - pronounced onya - is irish for anne.
    I really like tabitha too but I wouldn't be allowed it either, I've already suggested scarlett and that's been vetoed!
    jonny is nice too! I like all your names mrs hopeful, we must have similar taste! I like rebekah baby monkey, I think benjamin and harriet match the names you already have best. hmm difficult to choose names when you've already used up 5, but there are lots of lovely traditional names to choose from.
  • ooh I think about this all the time and we aren't even ttc yet!! I love emily Hannah for a girl and either Freddie or Edward for a boy. My oh asked last week though if we could name our daughter (if we have one) Eva after his grandmother which I love anyway.
  • My 5 year old boy is called Theo. I like names that are fairly traditional, but not too plain. I was in Sainsbury's last week and there was a mother shouting at her daughter, who she had named Tiara. I mean, c'mon.
  • Ooh there are some lovely names there! I don't know about the Irish spelling for Rory, but the Scottish spelling is Ruaridh - is it the same?

    For a boy we both like Aaron and I also like Adam and Aiden
    For a girl we both like Amy, April and Alice but I wouldn't want people saying "Alice Alice who the f**k is Alice"
    Also Amy might be a bit short since our surname only has 3 letters! Funny how we both really like names beginning with A - both my husband's name and mine begin with A. Is that a bit weird? Also is it weird to name a girl April if she isn't born in April?
  • What lovely names so far,
    I like heidi or Elizabeth (Lizzy) for a girl and Chester or Gilly for a boy. My grandfather was Gilbert and Chester is the leed signer of some rock band my DH likes!!! Elizabeth is my mums middle name and i just like heidi!
  • Me and DH talk about names all the time and his fav is Bruce for a boy because we think that will go nice with our surname Molyneux and I love and have definately decided when we have a daughter to call her Mya - I love this name and the more I say it the more I like it
  • How funny, Moomin, that all the names you like begin with an A!!! I don't think it's weird if you have an April not born in April. Both my niece's middle names are May (and Mae) and they were born in June and September!! And Adam is lovely and not a name you hear so often now.

    Eva is really lovely too, Sep2612 and so is Theo, lulabellarama.

    Although I don't have any children, I have five nieces and nephews and their names are;

    Annabella (Annie) Mae
    Amy May
    William Kirk
    Thomas William
    Millie Laura
  • My daughters middle name is may, (sarah may) we used it because it was in both sides of the family xx
  • I think about names all the time. I'm glad i'm not the only one. There are so many lovely names out there it will be so hard to choose. I've got too many whizzing round in my head to list! Just imagine if we're like this now what we'll be like when we get our BFP's! x
  • Hi, Can i join in!!

    Debbiemc - i love Michael - its such a strong name! Its my sons middle name too!

    We like Claudia for a girl (obviously!), or Eliza, and for a boy we like Joseph. We already have 5 children between us so we've used a few of the nicer ones already!

    I prepare the register for a local school, and you should see some of the names we get through! They really make me laugh ... i wish i could add some really but i may well offend someone!
  • Teejay !? Who had a sister called China ....... thats for starters!
  • Dare you!!!

    I don't think I would be offended if someone didn't like the name I had chosen. If we all liked the same names then it would be very boring!!!

    Helping hand.......names I would definitely NOT choose......


    !!!!!!!! Sorry...???
  • Sheba - (i thought that was a cats name!)

    Sometimes it just the spelling of a pretty name that then makes the name look different, such as Emilia - a lovely name, but then written as Emmilleah......
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