dreaming of a bfp...

Does anyone else dream about getting a bfp/bfn? :\?

I keep getting a dream where I get a bfp on a stick and it all blurres away before I can tell my dh, then i poas again and its a bfn. I wake up feeling really tearful and feel funny for a while when i get up.
Am I going crazy or has anyone else dreamt of ttc?

Maxi xxx


  • my friend had a dream that i got a bfp, but i tested and it was a bfn!!!! af hasnt found me yet though so a day over, not allowed to do another poas till thu ive been strictly told i'll go on the naughty step!!!! lol xxxx
  • you aren't going crazy image

    i have had dreams like this too!

    i think we spend so much time thinking about it whilst we are awake it is only natural to dream about it too.

    i hope you get your real life BFP soon xxx
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