Red AF not yet shown up.

Don't want this post to jinx anything, but body is playing up again.

I thought af had turned up on Friday (cd28), even though it was reddy/brown in colour and quite light. But since then, it got bit heavier on Saturday, light on Sunday and very very light yesterday and today so far. However it is still brown in colour (with odd speck of red), and before Friday, I also had brown discharge since cd 22. Last month, I had red af come after 4 days of brown af.

I haven't tested coz I don't feel any symptons which make me think Im pg, so I guess it is just the waiting game. I did have quite a few glasses of wine/cider at the weekend as well.


  • hiya hun my af was due 18th but on the 26th i had brown very light spotting for abt an hour and now nothing, i thought it was af starting but i feel totally fine today no pains or anything and normally im in agony so seem to have gone again, i havent tested lately, i last tested 21th x
  • Hi Hayley,
    that's strange to say the least - you are well over due.
    Is your af usually on time? Im the same - no pains or anything. I am not sure if I am feeling any af like cramps at the moment or if its in my head. I was incredibly grumpy on Saturday.
    Wait and see what tomorrow may bring. Not sure if should test.
  • Is it worth testing just to put your mind at rest Sevens?
    Hayley, dont know how you have resisted testing?!
    Good luck to both of you!!xx

    Just read your reply on my pma post sevens, It didnt come like normal but I tested repeatedly and got bfns so it must've been a fluke I think-everything crossed that yours is a bfp!!!xx

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  • That's bizarre Hjanea. Is your cm normal after your short af? How long did it last in total?

    I think I will see what tomorrow brings, and if nothing, will test Thursday.
  • Hi, yes it seems to be. Af lasted 4 days instead of 5 but was probably less than half its normal heaviness if that makes sense! i have considered testing again as I am more tired than usual but I think it would be a waste of a test really. I am careful at work(I'm a nurse)and I dont drink or eat much that would be risky if I were pg so I'm just thinking roll on attempt number 5 sometime between friday and sunday.
    Everything crossed for a bfp on thursday!!Good luck!!xxx
  • my cycles are abit wierd at the mo but i either come on or i dont never had spotting then nothing, think ill test tomor,
    i know dont know who i have resisted but been busy this week planning my daughters first birthday party this saturday so havent really been thinking about it lol xx
  • Hayley, Have you tested yet?? Good luck.

    Red af still hasn't turned up this morning and the last time I spotted was yesterday morning. CM/AF seems to be bitty and it is very difficult to tell if it is clear with the tiniest bit of brown in it.

    The last time something like this happened to me was in January - when I had 8 days of very light stuff, and I found out I was pg on cd19 (sadly didn't last). This is what is keeping my PMA and curiousity up.
  • Sounds promising that AF hasn't turned up full flow

    I had this with my first baby. I thought AF was on her way. I was off to Las Vegas to get married the following day so didn't pay much attention when AF didn't properly arrive. Very light brown CM all week knew something wasn't right. Did a PG test the day we came home and BFP.

    Good Luck I hope you get your BFP
  • Thank you. Something spooky is definitely going on. Its either really good (ie I'm pg) or really bad (af is still to come in full late, or worse still I haven't ov'd last month - only got faint tests last month).

    Haven't told dh yet that I've had this new development in af (or lack of it), he still thinks I'm on. I'm scared to test in case I get bfn but it is the only way I will know, isn't it.
  • It's the only way you'll know for definite. Fingers and everything else crossed it's good news for you
  • Good luck I hope its good news x
  • sevans, see my post Am I clutching at straws! I'm confused now! xx
  • bfn but going to try again with my moring water sample see if it makes a diffrence probs wont like lol xx
  • Early morning sample will get you a more accurate result.

    Hoping you get a BFP this time.

  • Hayley - a morning sample should make a big difference. Good luck for tomorrow.

    Mithical - get you honey! I did make a post on your post. Keep clutching and hoping it is only spotting.

    Well, told dh tonight that I'm doing a test tomorrow morning, he thinks from now on I shouldn't drink at all. Anyway I really really hope it is a bfp - Im really scared it wont be though
  • you cant explaine the feeling can you the moments b4 doing the test i end up in bits lol and im tyring for my second must be even harder people trying there first x
  • Just wanted to try to boost your PMA a little sevans! Hope you get your bfp. xx
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