Is it possible?

My 1st cycle off the pill was a whopping 40 days. I am now on CD17. On CD 9 & 10 I think I ovulated as I had pains and I think also some EWCM. Is it possible to ovulate that early?
I don't know how long my cycle will be this time so have no idea when to test. Will have to wait and see I suppose.


  • Hi, i would go by what your body is doing, ie pains and EWCM is a sure sign that you are ov.
    My last period was the 7th April!! and i ovulated at the wkend, (not sure if i ov in April also but i never got my period!), so i would take it that you did ov and just monitor your body around the time you would have predicted to ov and keep on BDing... xx
  • I agree with mobile. Just keep monitoring your body and bding just in case
  • Thanks guys. xx
  • keep bding but 1st cycle after coming off pill can be falsely longer or shorter so may not know. test 14 days after you think you ov'd but keep bding just in case. good luck
    Filo x
  • Thank filobabe. Hubby went away this morning with work so will resume bd when he gets back in a few days! :\)
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