random- got an invite for Buckingham palace gdn party!

Just had an invite through the door to attend Summer Garden Party at Buckingham Palace in July. Have any of you on here attended?
What shall I wear? Any ideas?
Think my outfit search might just help me through ttc obssesion!:lol:


  • ohh wow how exciting!
    how come u got this?
  • Oh wow!!

    We went 2 years ago. It was amazing! We had lunch with her before the garden party too.

    I wore a beautiful black dress from Monsoon and was VERY under dressed!! The ladies wore such fabulous dresses and some even wore fascinators. Very similar to a day at the Races.

    Have fun shopping!! xx
  • if there was ever an occasion for a fabulous outfit this is it!

  • WOW, what an honour! Sounds like fun, enjoy!
  • WOW sounds very lovely. Definately evening dress or similar i would say with either a fascinator or a hat. A bit like Ascot I woudl expect!
    Have fun xx
  • Excellent Amy and Ruby. I don't think we'll be seeing Her though. I think I'll be looking for a summer dress and a fascinator! Sweet as a Sugar my OH is an Army Officer so we got an invite.
    Amy and Ruby what was the reason for your attendence? Thanks ladies, I shall try and enjoy it! xxxx
  • You'll love it!

    My hubby is also in the Army and we were invited in recognition of his charity work. He did so well and worked sooo hard so it was a very proud moment!
  • We haven't been invited but my hubby is in the army too, nice to see theres a few of us image

    Enjoy the party x
  • Lovely, I can just imagine how proud of him you've must of been. I will let you know how it goes ..Btw I have read your other thread and just wanted to say I wish you all the luck in the world, and hope it happens for you, maybe when you least expect it to. I have no answers as we have been only trying for a few months, and even that seems ages, so I can just imagine how you must feel. But 've heard this and I find comfort in it and it is that babies come when they want to come, so lets hope it is not too long for you.
  • Awww thank you Naturelle, that's so lovely!
    Hi Goonie, fellow army wifey! x
  • Thank you Goonie, nice to know! Wanna Bump what a good idea, hope that by july I'll have a bfp. I looove Coast dresses, and have few of them. But I'll def have to get a new dress. Thank you for sending links..Fab! xxx
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