..of a 28 day cycle and according to the charts i'm at my most fertile today and tomorrow. However i'm using CB ov sticks and still haven't had my positive and no other signs of OV. Should i continue to bd every other night until i get my positive on the sticks or should i assume i'm fertile now because of the charts.

I'm usually pretty regular since coming of the pill, been 28 days the last 3 cycles but somehow this one feels like i'm going to ov late as have no CM yet.

Any advice?? What have you guys been doing?


  • The charts just work out for average peole with average cycles! I have yet to meet a woman on here who is average! lol
    Not sure how long you have been trying but my guess is if you have been trying for a while and always assumed CD14 was Ov then maybe you OV later than that and thus why no BFPs???

    Unfortunately I think littlewolf is right in that the best way is to BD like mad!

  • I would BD every other night to increase your chances of a BFP - thats gonna be the best thing I think
  • Hi Everyone, thanks for replys.

    Yeah been trying for 2 months but the reason i think i normally ov around day 14 is coz i normally get loadsa EWCM around that time. however so far this month there's nothing. Must be slightly later this month.

    Will stick to bding every other night and i'm still hoping to get a positive over the next couple of days on the ov sticks.

    You just can't help thinking too much about all these little things...its a wonder anyone manages to pregnant so easily with all this technical stuff to think about....:lol:
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