All a bit pointless

So I'm on CD 18 of a 26 day cycle, this is month 4 of TTC, and I know it's early days but we have thrown everything at it this month, preseed, OPKs, temping, B6 etc. We can't now try for 2 months as I am cheif BM for my friend in May next year and I cna't crash her wedding with a will I won't I drop before or after the day!

Basically my OPKs started off light, got darker but never as dark as the control line (ICs all be it!) and my temperature has not risen either. So I don't think I've Ovd at all.

Really down in the dumps :cry:

Anyone else had this effort Vs disappointment?

Is it possible to Ov without temp rising?

Got nothing to compare it to as 1st month temping and OPKs


  • Hi didn't want to r & r, but was wondering how you are taking your temp? Sorry if I'm preaching to the converted, but I found my temps to be erratic when I was doing it orally, so started doing it vaginally and got much better results. Have you been on the pill or anything? Depending on what you were on it may take a while for OV to start again?
    Good luck - remember you're not out til AF arrives!
  • Oops double post!

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  • I can't offer any adivce but am also having probs with OPKs. Last month I def got a positive OPK, but this month nothing (now on CD23). I have since stressing about it, heard a lot of ladies say that the internet cheapies are really unreliable. Have you had any CM? Maybe the OPKs missed it? How do you know your cycle is 26 days - don't forget all sorts of things can delay OV and then lengthen your cycle. I think it is really lovely of you to put off TTC for your friend's wedding, I don't think I could! Hehe, I would have good intentions to and then slip up as soon as I saw a spot of CM! Once you get going, very hard to stop! Hope it all becomes a tad clearer. Try not to get too disappointed though, you're still in the game yet! Good luck. x
  • Thanks for your comments lad????es! Mrs Doc ???? am temp????ng orally at the moment, ????m gett????ng staedy results, just no thermal sh????ft detected!
    Mrs EH my CM has been good, but st????ll gett????ng EWCM now so dont know whats go????ng on!
  • I usually have 28day cycles but since tryin to conceive I've had a 35day and am currently on day 46! Ov'd on cd28. U maybe just havin a long cycle? Aldo I found ov sticks to be more accurate the later on in the day I did them. X. Good luck
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