CD10 and confused already

Ok so we only made the decision on Friday to try next cycle but this cycle is proving to be a little confusing. Just some background first. I've been tracking my cycle for nearly a year and it's been 26 days without fail. I usually feel my ov too (stabby pain), although I haven't paid too much attention to when that has been. I thought it was CD12 ish.

I took Norethisterone in Jan to delay AF over our wedding and honeymoon. Stopped taking it and had AF 3 days later. Towards the end of the next cycle I had such bad lower back ache, hip pain, bloating and a tugging pain when I walked, none of which I normally get with AF. I didn't even think I could be pg so was highly confused at the time! AF eventually arrived 3 days late and lasted 3 days (normally 5). I have had a headache/thirst for a week now and after reading some threads, saw these were possible symptoms. And I was still getting cramps a week after AF had finished so I did a test yesterday just to be sure and it was negative.

Today, CD10, I feel like I'm about to come on again, with an achy, heavy, full feeling down there and the occasional stabby pain. I nearly fainted in the kitchen earlier and right now I think I may throw up fairly soon. And I have cried 3 times at nothing. As hubby put it, I have "gone mental". WTF is going on?! Am I just oving? If I hadn't done that test yesterday I'd put it down to symptom spotting but I'm fairly sure I'm not pg but I don't feel right. Has that stupid effing pill messed me up?

Sorry for the long post, only been here a day and annoying you all already! Please help though, even if it's just reassurance! x


  • Hi hun

    Sorry to hear your confused I am always confused so please dont worry.

    It sounds like it could just be the pill coming out of your system hun, if youve always been regular sometimes people find they are regular for so many months and then their AF's just go haywire.

    Am not sure why you are being sick tho, are you absolutely sure you cant be pregnant, what test did you use??

    Hope you get it sorted out as soon as possible hun so you can have a nice positive experience of trying for a baby xx
  • hi hun,

    sorry i cant really help much as my cycles are pretty irregular n i dont seem 2 ever get any warning signs of when AF is about to show up.

    I would say its the pills u took 2 delay have prob messed u up a bit n maybe when AF comes again it might settle back down!!

    If ur worried i'd pay a visit 2 ur GP n see what they say, might be able 2 reassure u a bit!!

    sorry i'm not much help xxx
  • Thank you for replying so quickly! Sparkling Diamond, I used a Superdrug test as I heard they were really sensitive. There is always that chance of being pregnant, the only thing that makes me think I'm not is that even though my bleed was short, it was fairly heavy.

    I should've just had a period on honeymoon, it would have been better than this! Might wait a few days and if I haven't settled down then I'm going to test again/go to the docs maybe. This TTC lark is a minefield!

    mrs_wright you are a help, it's reassuring just having replies, it means I'm not totally neurotic!
    Sparkling Diamond I'm glad I'm not the only confused one - not that I want others to be confused mind you. How are you? I just read your other thread about faint lines. I expect you are in limbo a bit now? Hope it is a BFP being shy :\)

  • Hi hun am in limbo every month he he!!

    This cycle feels different tho all my symptoms and v.v. faint lines point to a BFP I just want to see a strong line or a CBD before I announce a BFP as early days hun.


  • I've got everything crossed for you hun, good luck xxx
  • hiya this happend to me! i came off my pill 28th jan, had withdrawel bleed 3 days later, and AF 28 days after that, then on CD10, (this was a couple of weeks ago now) another AF came? i thought it was just ov pians, but no image so was back to CD1 again. now on CD11, so im hoping my cycles will be back to normal now? confusing? i no im not much help but thought i would post just to let you know your not alone xxx
  • Thanks *me*, that's actually really reassuring! My cycles were fine until I decided to start paying attention to them!

    Thankfully no AF today, and just a few cramps. CM was, erm, very slippery for want of a better word! So I can only assume I am OVing. Do you get the CM before or after OV?

    Still felt sick and dizzy earlier today but feeling lots better now so must've just been something random. And managed to cry watching Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Oh dear. Lol! xxx
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