Implantation bleeding - the truth!!

I have read loads of people on here saying implantation only happens around CD 6 and if its later than that it can't be implantation.

I got implantation on CD27 with my BFP and have got a little bit of spotting today so as is normal I am clutching at straws hoping its implantation so I googled it.

I found this...

Implantation bleeding tends to occur before menstruation is expected, this is usually between six and twelve days after ovulation. Most women experience menstruation approximately 14 days after ovulation however this will depend on your individual cycle.

I have read 3 different sites and all of them say implantation happens around time you expect AF. Just thought I would try and clear it up and keep some hope for myself at the same time.

When I had implantation bleeding I went to the hosptial because it was quite heavy bleeding and after I had got my BFP. The consultant said if everyone's body did what they were supposed to she would be out of a job!! It's something I keep in mind when I am questioning why my body is doing something and I find it quite reassuring!


  • i can honestly say i have never had an implatation bleed, and ive been pregnant 4 times!

    and im pretty sure the last time i actually saw that egg white cm was when i was about 16!

    im severely symptom spotting now though, on 1ww boobs have grown, feeling sick, and been having stretching pains in my belly x
  • I had didn't know about implantation bleeding untill I came on here. Now you've told its made things clearer with my last pregnancy as I had an AF after comin off the pill but when I had my first scan after my BFP it came back that I was pregnant before I had my AF. but now I know its wasn't AF but an implantation bleed.
    don't know if that makes sense
  • I got it 5 dpo and again when af was due, I also thought it was too heavy to be implantation but obviously it thats what it was, ive scan pics to prove it lol

    Lisa xxx
  • I had implantation about fours days before my AF was due, for me it was pinky cm all day and then stopped. I also had bleeding at 6 weeks and was told that it was implantation then too! xx
  • Well thats what I thought Lisa, mine was really heavy, like my period. It soaked through my jeans it was that heavy and after the initial gush the spotting lasted 2 days. I really panicked and thought I was losing the baby! Obviously not true that you can't get a BFP until after implantation either because I had my bleed 2 days after a very strong BFP!!

    Amie it does make sense. Cornetto thought she had her AF but it was lighter and shorted than normal and she tested a week later to get her BFP. I think it happens quite often. I am not expecting AF until at least Monday so I am hoping my spotting today was implantation which would make it 2 BFP's and 2 implantation bleeds. From everything I read it is actually quite rare!
  • This is all very intresting to me.  Thank you for your posts.  I was sure i was pregnant and was waiting for my partner to come home as he is working away before I tested.  We had unprotected sex on holiday at the begining of Oct when i was Ovulating.   my cycle is usually 33 days and never late, this month I am on day 41 and have been cramping like my period is about to start.  This afternoon I have a light brown discharge and burst in to tears as I just assumed AF had come.   Maybe, just maybe its implantation bleeding. image Do you get period cramps with implantation bleeding?

    When I came off holiday I was really dizzy for a week, my boobs have grown and got darker and I am very weepy.  Unless this is all AF symptoms.   My partner gets home on Halloween so maybe I'll test then if its not AF if thats not too soon. 

  • hi i am 25 years old and my hbby and i are trying for a baby.. this month i have been having symptoms such as swollen breasts, bumps around the nipples are a bit more prominent, veins showing on the breasts, mild head aches, bloating, sudden weight gain of 3 kilos in 1 week, mood swings, woke up suddenly 5 days before with a sore throat accompanied by cough and light stuffy nose.. in adition to this i have a high sense of smell and am hungry always..

    i have a regular 30 day cycle and m not on any contreception or pills from the start..

    had one delayed period 3 months ago due to stress and travel ( for the first time) and the cycle set in properly ..

    on the 20 th january i got cramps and started bleeding pink and brown like regular periods with red blood some times.. my periods wer due on the 25 th jan... and i guess i ovulated on the 10 th..

    regarding the period it has lasted for 2.5 -3 days.. and i am using a tampon..

    it looks like a period or i am not so sure..
  • I had it for around 1 week before my period was due image

  • I'm not that convinced by 'implantation' bleeding tbh- I had bleeds roughly every 8 weeks thruout my pregnancy and each time the hospital said it was implantation bleeding!!! Erm even at 31 weeks?? As if! image Each time it happened I'd have a scan and internals and no cause was ever seen, cervix was totally closed etc. After I'd given birth to a perfectly healthy baby at 39 weeks they decided it was hormonal and nothing to do with implantation. In other words they had no clue whatsever why I had the bleeds!! 

  • Cantwait, I saw a pinky discharge yesterday when I wiped (I usually put my finger a little up inside because I am so paranoid) I am at 4 weeks, should I be worried?

  • I'm not a doc but I wud say try not to worry hun, go and get yourself checked out just to be on the safe side. Had u recently done the deed or something? Cos that cud have irritated u a bit? Your gp will be able to advise you, good luck hun xxxx

  • nope haven't had sex recently image lol, hubby is afraid I get an infection he wants to ask the doc but I will see him in 3 weeks!! I am monitoring the spotting, nothing usually throoughout the day just once yesterday and a microscopical pink this morning. 

  • I had my implantation bleed 9dpo, just a bit of blood when I wiped and that was it. X
  • Hey I'm new to this but have read all posts and feel better knowing I'm not only one goin thro this! Myself and husband been ttc just since coil removed on 15 feb and basically straight away feeling stitch lower right side, nausea and headaches with dizzy spells - so I feel I could b preg although its very early! So I don't know if mind playi g tricks but haven't had period yet as coil just removed but had slight bleed yest with few little clots - so I'm wondering if symptoms due to coil or I am preg? I don't test yest and neg so need to wait a wk or 2 to confirm?? Any advice please lol xx
  • Yesterday I was checking my cervix and I had two spots of blood in it I was day 10 after ovulation could this be implantation? Xx
  • I ov'd in the few days before my period was due had a quite bad and weird bleed for 7 days on and off then had implantation signs electric in my belly and a small pink spotting the next day I've had all kinds of pg symptoms nausea leg cramps metallic taste headaches backaches and Lots more! I'm pretty sure I'm pg but haven't had a bfp yet still early days I'm 10dpo and been pg 8 times and have had period type bleeding for a few of them
  • Hi me and my partner have been TTC now 4 2 months and i  have had a slight very dark bbrown bleed just 2 day at 6pm exactly it's sticky like and noly noticable when i wipe nothing there on my pad as yet anyway! I wonder if it is implantation bleed i am 12 dpo i have felt different and so done a test last wk but obviously 2 early lol i am due on approx 1st May, haven't really noticed much but just 1 thing has stood out 2 me the area around my nipple has darkened but other than that i have no other symptons, could this be a implantation bleed or am i just wishful thinking???

  • Hi, So I had a mirena for 3 years and my fiance and i are ttc again. I just got my mirena out on March 14..and on April 20 (I was ovulating btw) I had unprotected sex. The very next day I started bleeding heavily but it only lasted heavy for 2 days then very light on the 3rd day then completely stopped on the 4th. Since then Ive been experiencing headaches, frequent urination, sometimes i have a sharp pain in my breast, extremely thirsty, little episode of being nauseous,  Ive been having a weird feeling in my abdomen area sometimes a pulling feeling..I dont really know how to explain it..and yesterday I started having a increase in discharge and its looks kind of white and very runny..and its so much it feels like I wet my pant (tmi sorry!). I took a hpt this morning and it came up negative. So idk what is going on or if its normal or if i might be pregnant, please someone help me! lol

  • Hi 

    i have had loads of pregnancy symptoms. I'm 9po and started to bleed. It's red blood and more than spotting. Didn't get any signs it was coming like I would before a period. My period is due in 5 days time. I really hope this is implantation bleeding but everything I read says they only get spotting. I'm really upset and starting to tell myself I can't be pregnant. Has anybody had period like blood and it has been implantation? Really need reassurance. Getting cramps too. 

  • Hi I am the same I have been ttc for 3 years now, I have recently given up smoking and this month I got bleeding 9 days befor my period is due, I had no symptoms that it was going to happen and so far it has lasted 5days but has become lighter. I am slightly worried about it and am not convinced its implantation bleeding as I only gave up smoking 3 weeks ago and I know it can improve you chances of conceiving but I'm not convinced it can that quickly. In the last 3 years I have had quithe regular periods so have never been this early befor. I'm slightly worried and not sure I want to start believing it could be implantation as don't want to get my hopes up.

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