OK qusetion and opinion's please

So someone said something to me the other day that has played on my mind and driving me NUTS !!

'' People who are abused in some way are more likely to go on and abuse '' :x :x :x

OK i understand there are sick/crazy/phyco people in the world My birth mother is one of them :evil: and after being in care and living a '' normal life '' I dont think i could ever repeat the thing's that happend

Don't get me wrong i have a temper :\( I broke my ex's nose while she told me he was sleeping with a old friend using friend loosly ;\) I was 16 at the time and i have grown up so so much since image
I have never even got mad at my OH bless him.
So i do have a temper.... but when it come's to my boy if he get's me angry it's my past that come's to mind and helps calm/chill me out because of having the person you love most in the world hurting you. and remembering that feeling :cry: well i couldnt do it and well nothing he has ever done has got me mad enough to worry.

Sorry for the pointless post but i had to get it off my chest.........

What do u think R people more likely ????????????????????????

Gems xxxxx

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  • i dont believe that quote at all!! its like saying once a cheat always a cheat...people can change or it doesnt even effect them! that would annoy me to, everyone has a temper hidden away somewhere and in my oppinion people shouldnt be put in the same catagory as others!
    dont let it stress u hun xx
  • Hi Gems,

    Personally I think that people who experience abuse and neglect whilst growing up often end up being very much the opposite, my mum was one of them and put herself into care as a teenager. Growing up I could never have asked for a better mum, she truly is my best friend even to this day and I have never felt unloved or the way that she has told me her mum made her feel.

    I used to get angry as a teenager and would physically fight with my ex/family on a regular basis, but there's nothing in my past that anyone can say oooh thats why she did it - it's just something that I went through as part of growing up.

    I think we all turn into the type of person that we want to be, things like having a temper and abusing people isn't in your genes. Don't let these people who probably don't have a clue make you doubt the type of person you are hun x
  • Thank you for you kind words thay have made tears run down my face image

    Thanx gems xxxx
  • well wipe them up girly and give us a huuuge smile! and get thinking of all the future sleepless nights! hehe xx xx
  • I'd have to say no pet, I was emotionally abused by my alcoholic father for my entire childhood and early adulthood and I am neither an alcoholic nor a bully. xx
  • NO WAY!!!!!

    my OH had a horrible child hood parents etc and he could not care more for our LO he never has ever lost his temper or anything with him even when he is pushing all the right buttons LOL :lol: :lol:

    Put it to the back of your mind sweet i dont understand some people that thin k its ok to say things like that they drive me insane

    My OH was worried when i was preg with DS bout his parents so with him and his sister they got a ban on them they cant come within 10 miles of me him our DS and his sister and her husband and there 2 girls!!!!!
  • Thank you x image x

    I dont see my birth mother often and she would never talk to me she wont even look at me. It just got to me coz the person who said it brought me up and she had even suffered some abuse in her pass different to mine but just as real she has her own 3 kids and it just got to me a bit

    Thank you alll i am feeling alot better and am going to chill with chocolate :lol:

    xxxx gems xxxx
  • Good girl!! I reckon people who make sweeping statements like that usually have no experience or even any idea of what they are talking about.

    Enjoy your chocolate! xx
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