desperate times lead to desperate measures

well im on one this month as its month 6 , so im now using epo and it has really improved cm so ladies if your not already its worth getting if you lack ewcm, also im on my first month using opks i brought clearblue they had (20% off in sainsburys) and i got a clear positive this morning,so i know for the first time ever when to get in some serious bding feeling alot more positive than i have been fingers crossed xxx


  • We can be 2ww buddies!!! Got my + opk today too, and also trying for my 3rd!!! kim xxxx
  • I also got my + opk today.
    Here's to long long 2 weeks.
  • Woohoo!!! u guna hold out til the 14th.....??? Theres 3 of us i wonder if anyone else got a + today will have to start a thread!
  • good luck on your 2ww guys
    hope you get your bfps!!
  • yeahh how exciting, im going away tues on holiday am bk on the 13th but im thinking i may have to sneak one or two tests in my suitcase lol i will be on here as much as i can though to keep in touch during our dreaded tww( 3 bfp for us )pma xxx
  • Hope u have a great time....what a way to spend ur 2ww!!! Im really trying to wait til the 14th...but this self confessed poas addict will prob fail! xxxxx
  • yep me too, maybe we should give ourselfs a more realistic date what do you think ,being on hol it may take my mind of things slightly or maybe thats just wishful thinking x
  • Hope you have a good holiday, wouldn't it be great to get your bfp while you're away!!! good luck.xx
  • Hi girls!
    I thought I was going to get my positive today but only a faint line again - think it'll be tomorrow now! EWCM in abundance which is great as I didn't see any last month!
    Hubby back from his trip and we've already had 'missed you' fun stuff!!!
    I'll be testing with you anyway - sort of!
    Joo xxxxx
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