Hi all

My partner and i are getting married in 5 weeks time and decided we wanted to start a family straight away. I came off the pill 4 weeks ago and missed my period yesterday. Curiousity got the better of me and did a test this morning when i got up and and it was positive!! Can i rely on that being accurate? lol
Still cant believe it! Ive got doc appmnt at 12pm today so will get it confirmed then, hope it wasnt dodgy test!
Ive had symptoms for last fornight, sore boobs, tired, crampy tummy, needing to wee ALL THE TIME lol.

Ill let u know how i get on xx


  • More great news. Well done you, what a great wedding present. Might have to answer a few questions when you avoid the champagne though.
    Hope your pregnancy is happy and healthy.

  • Wow, congratulations, that happened quickly for you! xx
  • Congratulations and good luck for your doctors appt!
  • This is fab news honey I am so pleased for you.

    Can i ask you something. Did you wait till you had your first natural bleed or just had your last pill bleed and then started trying?

    Well done honey xxxxxxx
  • Oh congratulations, not long to wait now until it is confirmed.
  • Congratulations!!!
  • Congratulations and I'm pleased you're on of the lucky ones to get pg so quickly!!
  • Congratulations hunni, hope you have a happy & healthy 9 months. See you over in the Jan forum :\)


  • Wow! fast mover! congratulations, have a fantastic pg xx
  • Congratulations hun, wishing you a happy & healthy pregnancy xx
  • congratulations hun, and a wedding soon as well you are brave. sticky babydust and good luck
    Filo x
  • Hi all

    Thank u sooo much for your comments. I had doc appmnt and she took one look at my test i brought and said i def was, but if i wanted to know for sure to buy a clearblue and do another one, also did one in docs so go back thu to speak 2 her. So bought clearblue and within seconds it said PREGNANT!
    Soo chuffed, cant believe it happened soo quick. Had my last period 4 weeks ago and didnt go back on pill, not had a natural one at all fell preg straight away, guess im one of the lucky ones!
    Im still in shock, in a bubble, been shaking and sweating all day lol.

    Now ive got all the other questions like when ill start to show etc lol.

  • congratulations how did you get on at drs?? x x
  • Congratulations!!! I didnt have any af with lo, came off pill and three weeks later got bfp!!!Good luck for the pregnancy and your wedding!!xx
  • Congratulations! How quick was that! I'm jealous! Have a wonderful, healthy, happy 9 months and hope you have a fab wedding day, what a wonderful present, much better than a teasmaid! LOL.
    Sticky babydust to you ************************** xx
  • congratulations! im sooo happy for you, you lucky thing, i came off the pill 6 weeks ago i just hope mine is as quick as yours! xxx
  • Congartulations and good luck with the wedding x
  • Congratulations for your BFP and good luck with the wedding.

    Have a healthy 9 months xxx
  • Congratulations, have a fab and healthy 9 months - good luck for the wedding - you better order the non-alcholic bubbly - that way you won't have to answer any questions until you're ready xx
  • Congratulations xxxx
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