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fao jess17

As your cycle is unpredictable at mo have you tried agnus castus. Its a herbal thing that can help regulate your cycles and sort out hormonal trouble. Can also be used with dong quai which also helps. Both can be found in holland and barrett which currently has a half price sale on, so the 2 should cost around a tenner.
Also do you use BBt or cervical mucus checks these are natural and once you read up are quick and cheap.
Last month i used a fertility microscope i bought from tesco which looks at your saliva. Costs around ??20 one off payment and worked for me. Did a sneaky Ov stick to checkand was accurate. Also tesco sell cheap Ov stick babystart i think they're called ??5 a box for 5.
Good luck hope this helps pinpoint your times to BD.
Babydust to all. Filo x


  • Thanks filobabe. Never done a bbt or cm test. But I think I will try using them, I'm day 5 today , shall run to the store and get a proper digi thermometer. I also got 50 ov sticks from access diagnostics 3 weeks ago for ??16, so will try those out, but not sure what day to start. I shal start charting my temp from tomorrow. I got some lessons from fertility friend i have to read one lol!! I will look out for the agnus castus too.
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