gutted :(

hello i am gutted!!

i was due on today but when i woke up nothin had happened which is not like me! so i thought yay i must be!! so i decided to do a test! and it came up negative image
was feeling really positive this month as i have had sore nipples, regular headaches feeling tired all the time etc.

so thats me out this month.... image

does anyone have anything they can help me with when it comes to trying like positions etc and also i have seen alot of people writing about pre seed lube just a little advice would be good.

good luck to everyone else thou. have some baby dust!!



  • don't give up just yet YM there are plenty of women who test when af is due - and even when af is late - and dont get their BFP on the first test. It isnt over until the witch arrives, so if af doesn't start in the next couple of days test again.

    Fingers will remain crossed for you as your symptoms sound good xx
  • Ditto what garfield has said, its not over yet! Fingers crossed for you x
  • I agree, it actually happened to me it took 2 days after af to get bfp. im hoping 4 u.xx
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