Newbie - short luteal phase??

Hi, this is my first post on here although I joined a few months back. Me and hubby have been ttc for just 2 months.

I came off the pill in Feb, had the normal withdrawal bleed and then had a cycle of 44 days before af arrived at the end of March. That month I didn't track ov or my temps as I just wanted my cycle to return to normal (which incidently has always been on the longer than average side).

So the second cycle began I did start to track by taking my temps and using ov sticks (cheapies from eBay) - I used Fertility Friend to chart my temps - and on CD28 it said I had ov'd. I never really got a +ve on the opks just some faint lines around about the same time. Thererfore my cycle was roughly the same length. However af arrived 9pdo (just spotting) then full flow the next day. Therefore I am now concerned that I have a short luteal phase - and this will cause me problems.

Am I reading too much into this? It was after all only my first month of charting my temps - maybe I ov'd earlier? I have read that Vit B6 can help so have started to take this. Just getting myself into a state about this so would be grateful of any advice xx


  • Hi MrsG,

    I'm a newbie too, and have just had the coil removed - so kinda am in the same boat as you! Still waiting for my post coil removal AF, and stressing out over it all already!!

    I think it may well take a few months for both of our cycles to find a natural rhythm, and we'll both get a much better idea of our cycles once we have a few months comparatives? Just a thought...

    Fingers crossed that we both get our BFP's soon!
  • Hi MrsG,

    We're ttc our second and my luteal phase is only 7/8 days. We're on month 6 and I've just started taking B6 too so fingers crossed it works.

    When we were ttc our son my luteal phase was only 10 days and I had blood tests that showed my progesterone levels were low *but* I still got pregnant and had a healthy pregnancy.

    Your body could still be adapting to coming off the pill so don't worry too much yet and hopefully you'll soon have your bfp x
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