Advice on exercise whilst ttc???

Hi ladies,

Was hoping someone would be able to give me a bit of advice on how much exercise per week is ok whilst ttc? I'm normally pretty active, and whilst I've read that it's good to stay fit whilst ttc, it can also be detrimental to fertility to overdo things. Problem is I can't seem to find any solid advice about how many hours per week and what type of exercise is ok, and as I want to get my BFP ASAP I'm worried I might be reducing my chances. :\?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Caroline xxx


  • Erm well i dont really have the problem of wondering if i am doing too much exercise! I would imagine however that as long as your calorie intake is supporting and maintaining your activity level then you should be fine to do as much as you like until such time that you have conceived. After then you have to be careful not to do anything that risks straining your stomach/ back muscles which could attribute to a miscarriage. I wish i haad some of your drive!
  • hi caroline.
    exercise is good for you because of all the health benefits etc. but too much of it can interfere with ovulation, i've heard. so don't overdo it (i can't really quantify it though sorry)
    liked em29 says, just try not to do anything that risks straining stomach or back after ov.
    i'm not really one to give advice though because even though i went to the gym i didn't exactly do much there! i was worried about exercising after ov, but i still did a bit (treadmill, bikes etc, but not much on them!). for some random reason i was worried it would affect implantation but it didn't affect it the month i got bfp.

    i guess only you know how much is too much for you, as it sounds as though you are quite fit and healthy, so what i would consider too much for me might be absolutely nothing for you!

    good luck hun xxx
  • Thanks em & mrs_e,

    I don't go mad, just go to the gym about 3 times per week where I do about an hour on the treadmill then weights etc, and try to go swimming or walking on a sunday. I eat pretty healthily through the week, but I love my food so eat a lot of nice stuff at the weekends, so my weight tends to stay about the same! I was just worried that the running wasn't such a good idea? Maybe I'll just do a bit more swimming instead, as that sounds like good advice about avoiding stomach & back injury.

    Thanks again,

    Caroline xxx
  • There is absolutely no reason you cannot continue to do what you are already doing. My best mate is a fitness instructor and until you are pg you can continue as normal. Even after you are pg you should not start anything different but you can carry on with what you are doing. You will have to change abs exercises. She had her son a year ago through ivf, she was still in the gym 3 days before he was born just adjusted her exercise. It is really important to be fit for pg and will help you loads in labour so carry on with what you are doing x
  • I heard the same. If you are used to the exercise then you can carry on once you are pg. Just don't start anything new, do anything risky or do anything that strains stomach/back.

    When I got my bfp gp said the only thing to really avoid is water skiing as the water could rush 'up there' and cause problems - what a random thing to say!!!! Like most people would be water skiing anyway, let alone when pg!
  • Thanks for the advice socks & Baby B,

    Just PMSL at the thought of waterskiing with a big baby bump!!! Can't wait to get my BFP now just so my GP can tell me that too! :lol:

    This is all new to me but I feel a lot less anxious now so thanks again everyone, and good luck to everyone who is ttc too!

    Caroline xxx
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