Anyone experienced this ? (TMI)

I'm currently on day 62 of a usual 37/40 day cycle. On day 37 I had a tiny amount of bleeding when I wiped and assumed it was my af on the way as thats how it usually starts, but then that was all. I have done 3 pg tests but all bfn.

Anyway on, i think it was tuesday night (sorry this is TMI) I bd'ed with my hubby and at the end we found I had begun bleeding, alot, so again assumed it was af just arriving late (i've had a 96 day cycle before) but then I've had nothing again since !!!

According to I should have ov'd on wednesday but then my af is so up the spout that who knows when i'm ov'ing. I havent been able to bring myself to bd again as i'm scared of bleeding again as it wasnt very nice, not for me or my hubby.

Have any of you experienced anything like this before ? I keep having pains like my af should be coming but its been like that for the last few weeks and I just dont know whether I am coming or going !!

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  • I don't want to get your hopes up, as I'm not sure. But the only experience of this I have had is this, my friend had bleeding after bd'ing.....turned out she was pg.

    If it is only after bd'ing, I would keep testing every few days (expensive I know). But if it is heavy, I'd go see your GP. xx
  • I haven't experienced this but didn't want to r & r. If you are concerned why don't you go to docs and explain what has been happening. They could prob send you for a scan to check everything is ok and may even find you are PG. I hope you are. Let us know what happens xx
  • mithical you have raised my hopes now!!! im due to test on the 10th july, iv been havin lower dulling cramps for days but now theyve almost stopped i keep needing to go to the toilet regular for both witch i never did before and me temp is raised and iv been getting a acidy feeling in my chest maybe heart burn and now the other night when me and hubby baby danced i had the smallest amount of blood in the cm it was rather pink but it was blood???? what do u think?
  • Hi Mrs Weir,

    I know it's difficult! I came off the pill in march 07 and I've had 3 periods!!!! It's not nice not knowing where you are in your cycle - but there's no definate answer. If you're worried ask your doc to do a blood test to see if your pg - they can detect really early pg.

    Other than that - just try to relax - easier said than done, but you need to try.

    I have had period pains for two weeks at a time and no af! It's just the bodys way! it's all natural and nothing to worry about. But if you are worried then see a doc - or ring the NHS helpline and ask them what they think - they let you speak to a nurse who will be able to put your mind at rest.

    Take care hun - and fingers crossed it's good news for you soon.


  • Hi melissa, sounds promising! My friend did keep getting bfn's for a while. So went to the dr. Try and hold out on the testing, good luck! xx
  • my advice wud be go to see ur gp and get a blood test.... ur cycle is really long eh ? how do u cope ? wud do my head in !!
  • Still no AF sign, think i'm gonna have to bite bullet and see the doc (if I can get an appointment, its impossible most of the time!). We've bd'ed again but this time no blood showing. Still got the pain in my utereus, feels kinda i dunno, hard i suppose like its full which I usually get on my af. Weird !
  • Mine feels hard and bloated too - but looks different to AF bloating! I have docs booked for 1 1/2wks time -earliest I could get in! I also now feel like I have done a 100 sit ups! I am only 8 days late and it is driving me mad - you must be insane - lol!! Go to the docs and put your mind at rest xx I'm thinking of you xx
  • Thanks Immense ! I think the only thing keeping me sane (and this will probably make me SOUND crazy) is this gut instinct that I know i'm not pregnant. I mean its been about a week, maybe a week and a half since I took my last pg test and got a bfn. I guess since I dont have any pg symptons like sore boobies, sickness etc that i know i'm not. I must just be having another long cycle which is incredibly frustrating !!!
  • Not everyone gets symptoms though until later on? But you know your body. I hope it sorts itself out soon x
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