Twice my age...

My husband and I have been together for 2 years and have been trying for a baby for over a year now.
We still haven't had much luck even after numerous ovulation testing, diets, stopping smoking, different positions etc..
I have been to the doctors and had the usual tests but we are now starting to think that our age difference maybe a factor, my husband is 40 and im 23.. do you think this is the reason why we can't get pregnant?


  • Hi!
    Men's age doesn't have that great a factor on fertility - they produce sperm all the time yet we are born with so many eggs, the rate at which sperm is produced can slow with age but at 40 he is still young.
    My partner is 52 and I'm 30 and we have started ttc. What tests have you had and what were the outcomes? Has he had his sperm tested? Are you definately ovulating? Are you periods regular?
  • The clearblue ovulation kit, the digital thermometer .... you name it weve done it. We obviously have sex during the times they suggest more often but just nothing.
    I am certainly ovulationg, i turn into a different person for 2/3 days a month apparatntly!
    My periods have been regular since the age of 15... just have to keep on going ay x
  • GC from DIA. I'm 37 and hubby is 51 (36 and 50 at time of BFP).

    We had been trying for 21 months, I was more worried about my age than his. We used BTT and the clearblue gadget thingy (forgot what it's called!). I was tested to make sure I was ovulating as I had bleeding between periods on occasion. All was fine.

    The month of our BFP we didn't use the clearblue box (decided I was too tight to throw away ANOTHER ??20 on sticks) and didn't think we'd bd'd at the right time. Apart from that the only thing different was that OH had been taking a zinc supplement that month.

    Good luck ladies.
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