please help me figure this out!........................

Howdy all. Am just wondering.... I ovulated around june 26th and we BD'd like crazy and have been on and off during this month. AM just wondering how long after ovulation may you feel any symptoms? Im getting crampy type pains and have been for a day or two and im having white CM in my knickers (SORRY TMI) and im going to pee every half and hour or so lol. Im feeling confused. Help!!?!??! x

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  • Hi Kim

    I have had this the last 2 months - I get pain start the day after OV and it carries on after that right up until AF!! Can't say this month tho as I am 3 days late......
  • hi, same here, im notrally sure when i ovulated but went for a smear and the nurse told me i was probably ovulating because of my CM. this was also on the 26th, i have suffered from a few cramps and tiredness. weeing seems normal, im prob not PG as im not that lucky but its so woerd how we automatically spot these symptoms. good luck, i hope you get you bfp. how long have u been ttc x
  • Kimdxx have you had these symptoms on other cycles? It does sound like a good sign- See it as a good thing and keep that pma at an all time high!
    good luck x
  • I get this every cycle xx
  • I should keep pma high i know but hate gtting excited to get knocked down. know this ds not happen evey cycle but maybe pains are down to coming off the pill, hopefully pg signs, will let you know how i get on. do you know if you experience slight cramping when pg, dont know alot about symptoms. also if i was pg, do u think i would experience tirednessalready? sorry for all the questions x x x
  • hey, if u ovulated around the 26th and concieved around then it wouldnt be likely to have any symptoms yet as the fertilised egg takes 3 days to travel to the uterus so your body wouldnt know it was pregnant yet. i am tryin 2 and had the same symptoms but went to doctors and turned out i had urine infec. you could always go 2 doc and they can check ur urine there n then. at least if u dnt hav a urine infec u can rule that out and maybe ur just havin preg symptoms early. every1s body is differernt, maybe u conceived before u thought. good luck!
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