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FAO Annette

Hey honey how you been?

jen xx


  • Hi Jen

    I'm ok thanks no bfp yet, I been trying to have a break from this site for a while to see if it helps....

    Got my hospital appointment on monday when's yours?

    Going on holiday week on sat, looking forward to that, although its the same day as our 1st wedding anniversary and its the day af is due.....

    How are you doing?

  • Hi im good well as good a i can be. My appointment is 4weeks today, Have you any idea what to expect when you go for your appointment? Im kinda scared and nervous.

    Im just back from holiday af arrived the very first day, we dont have much luck do we, You going somewhere nice?

    jen xx
  • Hi Jen

    All I know about the appointment is that it may last 2.5 hours....

    Going to Rhodes my friends getting married out there.

    Take Care hun Xx
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