Silly me. Tested, but BFN. *im topbird, im a POAS addict!*

Hi Ladies. AF not due till tomorrow, but have been symptom spotting (like a numpty), and did a HPT tonight. BFN.
Not sure why I did it, not had any signs, just crampy type AF pains for the last 10 days or so.
I really didn't want to get my knickers in a twist, but typical me, I just had no patience!
Now im all gloomy, despite knowing that its not over till the old witch appears!
Just posted this for a bit of reassurance that its not just me who does this.
Thanks in advance, Topbird xx


  • Oh dear top bird...slapped wrist. You said it yourself, not over just yet! Symptom-wise, not everyone gets them. Fingers crossed for you hun. xx
  • I personally dont test early *whispers - but I do symptom spot!*

    But relax, you are not the only poas early testing addict on here!

    And as you said, its not over till af sings! Good luck xxx

  • Its not over til she arrives!!Fancy giving in to that compulsion-I think you must be human-lol!!!
    Fingers crossed that it becomes a bfp. Good luck!!!xxx
  • i just did one too!! DPO10 and a BFN of course! Surely we have better things to do than this on a friday night! I've been having brown blood when wiping for the last 2 days and convinced myself it was implantation bleeding when its probably just the start of af!
  • Thank you ladies!
    Had visions of being able to glide through this process calmly and relaxed.....How wrong I was!
    Im a natural born worrier, and my naturally fretful self has been exacerbated this last few days.
    I think I need a mantra of some sort!!

    Topbird xx

  • Do not pee on stick? It will be a bfp? There are so many mantras lol! xx
  • Thank you Mithical!!
    You'd think, having a medical background, that i'd be more rational about the whole situation.........!
    Im sure I left my sanity somewhere..
    *Nasty HPT's, Nasty HPT's!*

    Topbird xx

  • Lol, I'm a nurse. What's your medical background? xx
  • I qualified last year, Im a staff nurse in Intensive Care. I worked in A&E as a B grade prior to that for about 6 years. Whats your speciality?

    Topbird xx

  • I qualified in 1997. Have worked with the elderly mostly. We are currently a discharge ward, but were acute at one time, and have run a haematology clinic! If management knew what they were doing!! We are nurse led at the moment, but they have to close so many beds, so we are one of the wards going! image xx
  • Lol, you don't have to tell me about management within the NHS!!
    Topbird xx

  • I know, blooming useless! xx
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