Follow up at the infertility clinic today and its not great

Hey girls

We have been back to the hospital today after my lap and dye and they have advised that everything is fine. My OH has a follow up appointment for a sperm test and if thats ok then the next step is IVF... now for the blow as I have a daughter who is 7 we won't be able to get it on the NHS and were looking at ??5k a try so its time to save for us... were gutted as there is nothing physically wrong with either of us. Its just 3 years of bad luck as we have not managed to get pregnant... what a nightmare!

Anyway I am not giving up if we have to pay then we will. Good luck ladies and I hope we get our bfp's together xxxx


  • Oh no littlem thats poo. Good luck saving and hope it happens really soon so you get your BFP. Sxx
  • oh littlem, that is rubbish. But as SB says, there is a very good chance that it will happen naturally as there is nothing physically wrong with either of you. Really really hope thats the case for you hunny!

    Good luck, and sending tons of super-lucky babydust your way (and a lucky money tree to help with the savings!) xxxx
  • i hope it happens for you soon so you don't have to pay out all that money. lots of sticky babydust xxxx
  • Thanks ladies - Im sure we will be ok we will just keep trying. My OH really wants his own as my daughter is not his. We will be ok I have a good feeling xxx :\)
  • hi littlem - as the others say that is good news there is nothing "wrong" but i can understand it must be frustrating as there isn't a quick fix. i hope your BFP comes very soon. then you can blow the money you have put aside on lots of lovely baby things image

    good luck hun, lots of babydust and pma xxx
  • oh honey thats not great news, but i guess if its not a physical problem it might still happen naturally for u- fingers crossed it does!!! xxx
  • try going ona nice cheap break to reward yourselfs for everything you've been through, and you never know they say 80% of couples concieve on a break. x
  • I dont know if its much consolation to you hun but my partner and I have also been ttc for 3 years. We have just started with all the tests etc etc.

    My parents got married when my mum was 19. They were trying for a baby more or less as soon as they were married. After 12 months of trying, still no baby. After 2 yrs of trying, still no baby. They decided to go and see their doctor. They had tests done. The results came back normal every time. There was no such thing as IVF back then so my parents just thought that they would be childless. My mum went back to the doctors begging them to do something. The doctor told my mum to go away and stop trying.
    12months later my brother was born and 3 yrs after that, I was born.

    So after 3 months of my parents NOT ttc my mum got pregnant.

    Its a [email protected]@dy funny world

  • Little m ,

    sorry to butt in on your conversation but did the specialist go thruogh other options for you such as IUI. this is a less expensive and intrusive version of assisted conception and it is what after i have my hsg test and also another course of clomid our specialist will recommend for us. i have looked around ( kent area and SE london) and the price of it is roughly around ??600 so considerably cheaper than ivf.

    best wishes

  • After sleeping on it I am not feeling so upset at least we still have hope some people don't even get that so I know we are lucky. We have a follow up appointmnet in 8 weeks once they have scanned me and done another test on my OH and then we can go through the options. It will be the same Dr who will treat us as it would be on the NHS. We are going to go for it straight away as we have alreday been waiting for 3 years so I suppose we get to bump up the list and not wait the 18 months we normally would have to.

    Just wanted to say thanks again and its great to have all of your support!
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