I've finally realised....

that there is no way I can get pregnant at the moment. So I have devised an action plan to hel it along. I'm booking myself in for a massage next thursday. I have my diet doctors book at the ready and I'm going to chill about it all (yeah right - I was kidding on the last one), or at least get ov sticks.

There was also an article in this months Zest about second time infertility... and how we don't give our bodies time to recover etc.. it was pretty interesting. xx


  • What is second time infertility?
  • It's to do with struggling to conceive the second time round. Apparently it takes our bodies 18 months to recover after childbirth and we don't realise this and that we probably don't have sex enough because of tiredness etc. It's really common the 2/3rd time round - but with treatment it's more likely to result in pregnancy. Sometimes there is no reason for it at all!
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