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Yesterday I was at a friends house, she has 3 kids including a 2 week old baby, I thought she was coping however when the midwife came for a visit she started to cry, I took her other two children to play out in the garden whilst my friend spoke to the midwife and afterwards she was really grateful, I asked what was wrong and she said she didnt know and that she just cries for no reason, I felt awful that I didn't know this and also wondered if I would feel the same once I had a baby, although I have to be honest it hasn't put me off at all but wondered if anyone else had thought about it or come across a similar situation xxxxx


  • Well me and my OH looked after my 10 month old cousin last saturday and it was hard work! He's just learned to crawl so we were constantly saying no to him. And trying to get him to eat his dinner, OMG all hell broke loose and OH was just like argh!

    We were late taking him back because it took so long to feed him and then ourselves and then cart everything into the car!

    We're having him overnight this saturday god help us but as of yet it hasn't put me off one bit. Infact when OH asked if he could push him i was like :\( (I should have been about 14 weeks now, damn mc!)

    But yeah, i think even if the child of satan came to stay the night i couldn't be put off! :lol:
  • from experiance i would agree with ur friend, when i had Anabel it was so scary, altho dh and family were so helpful and Anabel was a dream, i still used to cry for no reason.
    i personally think its just because of everything that has happened with having a baby, being more responsible and having to care 4 another person 24/7, and imagine if u have 3 to care 4 xxxx if im honest that is one thing i really dont worry about xxx as u get through it and everyone is different xxxx
  • One word: hormones! When I had my gorgeous girl exactly the same thing happened. I cried whenever the midwife/hv came round and I couldn't explain why! I also cried randomly throughout the day. For some people 'baby blues' only lasts for a few days when their milk comes in on day 3 - for me it was from day 3 until the 5 week mark. Then one day it had just lifted! I felt instantly different and knew I would be okay from then on.
    The combination of hormones surging through you, massive sleep deprivation and the life you once knew being obliterated is a powerful combination! However you shouldn't worry about it as it is sooooooooooooooooo worth it. You just need to be kind to yourself, give yourself time and remember that every woman is different xxx

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  • yep,i think you can try prepeare yourself for a baby coming but you cant prepare for it at the same time,it is such a hard and lonley (i found) time

    you live on less sleep,you have a little person to look after,your hormones are all over the place,you get annoyd coz you cant get anything done the house looks a look a mess and when you look at other peopl who are out you wonder how they do it coz you dont think your doing as well when infact the same is running through their minds lol

    i also got very jealous of hubby as i didnt get out and was left all day and night to deal with baby but you have to remember your not super mum,you cant do everything with a little one,if you need help ask and if the dishes have to wait then tuff lol its doent last forever and it does get better thats the main point xx
  • Hi,

    This is something i worry about too. I'm sure everyone does.

    I saw my friend go through it with her little girl, but it soon got better. Its the hormones, and your life being so different you don't recognise it.

    People wouldn't do it more than once if it wasn't worth it all.

    Good luck with ttc!


  • Yeah I have the same worry....I think wanting something so much you do worry about things like that.....but so worth it I feel....good luck ladies xxxx
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