does anyone else have this.....

i am weeing like 5-6 times in 1 hour is this normal i dont normally do it and is it a sign of pg many thanks Emma


  • Hi emma,
    Sweetheart I think you need to do 4 things, firstly do a pg test, book a doctors appointment, increase your daily intake of clear water and lastly drink cranberry juice.
    I have kidney problems because I ignored the symptoms of a bladder infection and now when ever I get de-hydrated and hold off going to pee for a long time (i used to be a long distance coach driver, lots of coffe not many stops) I get an infection resulting in antibiotics and 3 small op's.
    I'm not suggesting you have this as I have a family history but please do get it checked out.
    Especially if it stings or burns when you pee!

    Good luck

  • thanks i have done a pg but it was a bfn but i think its a little early as i dont know when i ov or have a period i have pcos i drink a lot of water witch is kind of weird as i dont like water but loving it at the mo i will chat to my doctor on my next appointment as she want to do test so an extra one wont hert her lol but thank you for your help
  • Have you ever been tested for diabetes hun? Definitely see your doctor and get it checked out.
  • yeah regular as i have it in the family i am having test done soon and thats whats included sorry and i have not had burning or pain when i wee
  • oh yeah(tmi) my wee has no color to it
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