Whats the earliest I can test?

Hi all.

This is our first month of ttc (and this is my first post!). When is the earliest I can test? I have had really bad bloating and stomach cramps for a few days now which is really not like me.

Thank you


  • When did you ovulate? It's best to wait until your af has not shown up. I too have very bad bloating but I'm only just entering the run up to ovulation. Good luck and welcome to ttc xx
  • the earliest I have heard someone got a BFP which is VERY rare is 7DPO but best to wait when AF is due.
  • Just checked and Im ony 4/5 DPO. Will have to wait a little longer image
  • Good luck pilky sending babydust xxx
  • Hi Pilky

    I was ttc for a year before I got BFP in March. In that time - I think I got through over 30 HPT's testing too early.
    I got my BFP on 14 DPO - after forcing myself to wait until AF was really due.
    I know it's really tough when you are in the 2WW - and I hope you get your BFP really quickly. But if it doesn't come straight away, you'll save alot of money & heartache if you wait until 14DPO.

    Oh - and ebay cheap HPTs seem to have variable reliability. Superdrug ones are vv sensitive (10 miu) and are pretty cheap.

    Don't mean to lecture you - obv it's totally your call if you can't wait.

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