Day 1 of trying to make my Christmas Wishes come true!!

So am on CD 8 today so about to start trying again after the witch got me! Decided to be much more proactive this month lol - even if it is just to make myself feel better!

Went and bought some Sasmar conceive plus and also some sanatogen Monther to be tablets. I was already taking folic acid but these have a few other vitamins to help. Also bought some father to be tablets. Hubby doesn't know yet hehe. Gonna leave him a note with them and tell him to wake me up when he gets home (he works late.)

Our plan this month is to BD every other day until highs then everyday around time of OV and back to every other day until AF due on 21st December. Which happens to be our 8 year anniversary. Would be a great christmas and anniversary present!

What is anyone else trying this month? Anyone else be testing around same time as me?

Baby dust and christmas wishes to all!


  • Hi, I'm on my 2ww, testing on the 5th Dec and I'm so impatient already!!! Really want a BFP before Christmas so I'll be so disappointed we haven't managed it...but can't think like that PMA PMA PMA image

    Good luck hun xx
  • well i am on CD1 and will be testing on the 22nd Dec and also hoping for an early christmas present... don't know how i'll keep my gob shut on christmas day if we get a BFP though
  • Hi snugglenush and huni! (& Mrs Beck - just seen your post!)

    I'm now on my 1st ever 1ww and I'm driving myself crackers!! I think I'm going to test this weekend, or maybe I'll force myself to wait until next Tues/Wed!

    Good luck to both of you, fingers crossed it's our month! xx

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  • Good luck hope you get your BFP for Christmas x
  • I am on CD 9 today... I also bought some Sasamar concieve plus recently.. it's expensive isn't it?! My OH didn't want me to buy it because it was 15 pounds! He said to use normal lubricant but I am forever telling him its not good to use that stuff if you are ttc!

    I will be testing around 19th December!

    Really hoping you get your bfp for your Anniversary and Christmas image Sending you loads of bady dust too! Hope we got our bfp near Christmas! Horraaay! image hehe xXx
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