help please (littlewolf)

or anyone i just know littlewolf is a MF anyway i had a AF on 4th april and i am having AF craps now nothing before this can you help please thank you:\?


  • oh and forgot to say i am cd8 have PCOS with irregular AF and i feel TMI wet down there
  • What's a mf? I don t understand your question? Are you asking if you are ov?

    What's your discharge like . If it rub it between your thumb and finger and stretch it. If it's clear and stretchy like raw egg White that's fertile mucus that occurs prior to ov . Xx
  • ok hun right hope you know then sorry to confuse i had an AF on the 4th april have Af pains but not had any even when AF was here and i just feel wet not looked at it really but come to think of it yes it like egg white but i have irregular AF like my shortest one was 44 days i have no idea what the af pains are any light sorry hope this makes more sense
  • A mix of the pains and egg White cervical mucus are a good sign of ovulation.... If ibwas you I'd start bding for the next 5 days xx
  • might do if so this will be my shortest cycle ever lol
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