Advice please...could do with some help.

Hay ladies, I have been tryin for my seconded child for the last 2 months but this month 2 days after ovulation, i went too the loo and wen I wiped there was browny coloured stuff, and I dnt no wat this could be, would be gr8 fir any advice,. Thanks xxxx


  • hiya happygemz, i would say it could be implantation, but seems a bit early for that? maybe you and oh bd'd a bit too much or too hard, lmao sorry if tmi lol xxxxxx fingers crossed xxxx

    ooo also i have heard some people get ov bleeding, just alittle bit of blood when the ov? maybe that too?
  • Ok thank u soo much, so what sighs am I lookin for if implatation has happened? I Neva got all this with my 1st child it was just the case of it happened wen it happened but this time we r rely tryin, and I'd live it be pregnant, how ment days sld I leave it till I test?
  • you usually ovulate 14 days prior to AF ...... good luck
  • Hi,
    Iv read that if u buy the very sensitive pregnancy tests they may detect a BFP 7-9 days after ovulation? Alot of woman tend not to test... but im on month 7 (2day) of having constant BFN, so find the 2ww too hard, and always test?
  • Yep I'm past ovulation, and I think I went drew implantation yesturday, so how long do u think I sld leave it befor I text? And how long after conseving so u het syptoms? Xxxx
  • hi hun, i would say test 12-14dpo. so maybe in about 10 days time? a few girls have got symptoms about 10dpo, ome dont get any til8 weeks or so gone, and some strait away, everyones different, which is so annoying when u just wanna no! lol good luck xxx
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