fao girlinleeds :)

Hey hun, most of the oldies seem to have disappeared, not that i can talk as have been away from here myself! Just wonder how u are chick? xxxxx image image


  • hi hun, still here, on cd19ish today and planning on poas next saturday. Not been on here much recentley as been feeling a bit down and very sorry for myself, but pma returned yesterday, how are you??
  • Ive been much the same hun, pma comes and goes...having a gd day today though!!! Wow were close this month, im on cd15! Im using the cbfm this month...havent ov yet and oh away next wk...so wont hold my breath for this month if im honest..if i do ov b4 he goes though and im lucky enough for no af and lots of pg symptoms...ive promised myself not testing tl im 2wks late...cant handle another positive and then things going wrong again. I hope your pma sticks around hun, and mrs fate up there hurrys up and gives us our april babies xxxx
  • really hope you ov before your oh goes away, but don't forget his little swimmers can live for five days afterwards, so if you haven't ov'd before your just going to have to bd more before he goes so there waiting for that egg, this will be our month xxx
  • i hope hun, hard to optimistic when we have bd on ov day and still not got pg.....ooppsss theres my pma slipping away again!!! Will make sure we do lots of bding over the wkend..theres a rumour that they may not leave til weds, which for me will be great!!! Everything crossed for the both of us this month hunny, its about time we graduated for good dont ya think!!! xxxxxxx
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