4dpo Pain

Hi Ladies

This is my first month of ttc again after a short break so I'm trying to keep a cool head about everything. So not temping or using OPKs or anything. Been keeping an eye on CM (sorry if TMI) but had EWCM on Sunday and Monday which has then turned more watery and now dried up totally! So using this I assumed that I OV'd on Monday. However, I've had OV like pains yesterday when I thought i was 4dpo... does anyone else have that? I'm now wondering if I've OV'd later than i first thought... i know it's too early for implantation?? I had similar pains on Monday so thought that + EWCM was a clear sign of OV.

Oh Confused yet again.... sorry if waffling but needed to vent!!! xx


  • Sorry if this sounds a bit weird but I am new to TTC - what does EWCM mean??

    thanks x x
  • Mrs Dug.... it's Egg White Cervical Mucus...the stretchy stuff you get when you're ovulating. Sorry if TMI but I'm sure you'll be throwing this phrase around in no time!!! TTC sends you into a whole new world!!! Good luck x
  • sorry honey i dont know, didnt want to read and run.

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