Af feels like ov, how weird!

I'm on CD 2, and the backache has kicked in today.

The weird thing is I have a right sided sharp pain, which feels the same as my ov pain! Normally I would have central really bad cramps by now. Which usually come day 2 or 3 when have a heavy day of bleeding!

Oh well, something to look forward to at work tomorrow, was hoping it would be out of the way at home today. Where I can feel sorry for myself! :lol: xx


  • Sounds strange?! How long does AF normally last? Has it been quite heavy?

  • Oh hun image i hate the pain of af i am sooo worried I will be in pain this weekend right in time for my party tomorrow. Grab yourself a nice big hot water bottle and curl up image

    k XX
  • I have had the withdrawal bleed, that was 9 days, then 2 natural af's of 8 and 6 days. It's heavier than it was, and geting heavier I think. But the ache is definitely different, although I think the central ache is beginning, as well!

    I'm watching a film on, so am quite comfy. Will see how it goes. Thanks girls. xx
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