How many childen would you like?

Afternoon ladies,

So my topic of conversation today is how many children would you like?

Dh and I decided very early on that we would like 4 children. Maybe even more if we had a house big enough,but most definatly four children.

We have DD who is 7 months old and obvioulsy ttc~2 at the moment so they will be very close in age(although that depends on when i get my BFP really) Then we plan on having a break of 3 years or so then ttc#3 and then soon after ttc#4 so they too would be close in age.

So thats our plans for our family,rather planned out. Although things never go to plan do they especially with children lol

So how many ladies?


  • I wanted 4 at one point, but now i'll settle for two i think! Or one would be good to start lol....!

  • we have ds who is 3 in june,weve been ttc no2 for 2 years next month and before i always wanted 3 kids,now im would just love 2 but saying that i could happly live with just my son,im kind of waiting for the hand ive to be dealt with now and fingers crossed il be lucky enough to have another xx
  • well i would love 3-4 but hubbie wants 2 but we would do the same as u holly as we have a DD who is 9 months old and are TTC num 2, (i MC last month) god willing

  • would like 2-3 maybe 4?? but 1 would be a good start! never know we could have twins??? image heres hoping for month 5!!!! xxx
  • i would love 3.... but i will let you know after my first hahahaha ps. xlucyx i would love twins! x
  • *me* ...wouldnt it be great!! 2 in 1 go!! ...fantastic!
    Good luck to you! image


  • Hi wanna bump!! theres something ive never really thought about (unless we could'nt have our own) ...adopting after you've had your own!! i would love to be able to change a little childs life!!... As my DH was adopted!!


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  • I'd be happy with just one right now but in an ideal world 2 would be my ideal
  • Me and hubby have decided 2 children. Ideally 1 boy and 1 girl but it doesnt always go to plan :lol:
    Ill see after having 1 but then again i will feel sorry for them being the only child.

  • I would loe twins but one would be wonderful at the moment
  • I want 3-4 OH wants 2or 3. So will probably have two, then see. I will be happy as long as I have more than one. Just now I am worried I won't even have one as we have been TTC for a while.

    Babydust to all
  • aaah I want four! The OH is adamant that we're having 3 at the most but I think I'll be able to change his mindimage xxx
  • We would like 2, we have 1 so only 1 more to go!! i dont think i could handle ne more than that after my first labour.....
  • When I had lo I was adamant I was never going to have more than one but I now have to have another one!! That will be the last for me though!!

    My baby is 5 now so have a large gap which does worry me a little!!

  • i would love 3! one would be perfect for now! x
  • Hi we have a 5 month old and have been ttc no2 for few months now I would like 4 maybe 5 kinda close together.but if get bfp soon will take about year befor trying for no3!my oh would like 6!!!! He is from big family but don't no if my body could cope 6 babys!!! My oh is a twin and has slot in his family so that would b lovely.we have room at home for 4 so that my reason for that we could live here for life if have 4 if oh get his way we will need to get much bigger house.
    Sorry for boring u!
  • Originally, we wanted 4. Realistically, cars/money/house/time/sanity we'll only manage 2. We're half way there!

    Unless of course our numbers come up, then it'll be back to 4, maybe 5!(Hmm, maybe not!)
  • I only want 2 - can't afford the bigger cars that we'd need for 3 children & OH wants our kids to have their own rooms (unlike myself who shared with my sister until I was 18 and OH shared with his brother til he was 20) and we have a 3 bed house & could never afford a 4 bed. I have my Ds already who is 2 tomorrow - yup 1 more for us then OH says he is getting the snip lol...he's only 24! xx
  • We're working on our 2nd and last child! I always thought 3 was a good number but I feel both mentally, physically (more so during pregnancy) and financially 2 is perfect for us....

    babydust to all!
  • I'm 9+1 with number 4 and this will be the last. We always agreed on 3 or 4 and I think we have to draw the line somewhere sadly. If we had more money and a mansion I'd quite happily carry on popping them out for a while yet!!! lol! x x x
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