someone slap me quick!! Also in LTTTC

Hi girls,
Been on metformin now for 4 weeks and not had a period yet! I've been having pg symptoms (very similar to the ones I had when I had the chemical pregnancy!)

I've got achy legs
slight thrush
veiny boobs
I have a low libido (extremely unlike me)
I'm incredibly thirsty - drinking 3 - 4 litres of water a day (could be the heat?)
I'm also very dry (unlike last time where I felt constantly wet, TMI SORRY) - so dry we haven't been able to BD for a week
pulling pains around ovary area
and an achy back - like when af is due!

I so sound like I'm ss'ing but I don't think I am, I didn't even think about having a little bean until my legs started aching again (1st sign last time)

I've done a clear blue +/- and have got the faintest of faint lines (as I did last time) - got to hold to the light in a certain way and can see a shadow of a line, OH can't quite see it but have been through this before with a SD test - followed 2 days later by 2 strong positives!

Someone please tell me that I'm not going mad and this is possible/likely!
I'm driving myself bloody barmy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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