Hey Ladies,
Just wondering when is the best time to test? and is 6 dpo too soon?:\?


  • Hi Miss88. Yeah, 6dpo is too early. You're probably best to wait until you get to the day that AF is due. I tested 10/11dpo (even though I knew it was probably too early) as I blacked out the day before, so thought it could have been a sign, but it was a BFN. I haven't given up hope though! xx
  • Hi,

    yeah i think 6dpo is too soon, implantation ranges from about 6 - 12 dpo (going off what i've read) so you won't be releasing the hcg hormone yet. The best time to test is the day you are due af, some tests say you can test a few days earlier but you get a more reliable result the longer you leave it as hcg doubles every 48 hours.

    Good luck for when you do test x
  • 6 dpo is far too soon!!! STEP AWAY FROM THE STICKS! i tested and got a bfp on 11dpo. the positive didnt occur until well after the allotted time and could have been an evap it was that faint though so couldnt be trusted. same the day after. it wasnt until 13dpo i got a clear bfp within the time frame. 14 dpo is best. no confusions then. image

    good luck!
  • Thanks guys.. Rang my doctor yesterday, was having weird cramps in my left ovary and womb, she said to wait and see what happens but to her sounds like implantation.. I dont want to get my hopes up just be be dissappointed
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