smep and bd ing

Hi girls. . Right the thing is we trying smep this month. . I got a positive
ov test Tuesday and we bd Tuesday wed Thursday. . They say we should
rest on the 4th night.+. But i did another ov test and its still strong positive. .
Shall we bed again tonight to be on safe side? . . Husband said why break
the rules though if it said to work lol. . What ya think ladies lol x x i did feel
my ov pains today like i normally do. . X


  • I don't think it matters hun. OPKs can stay positive for a while but it's the first one you have to pay attention to, I reckon you've got it covered this month. Perhaps BD again on sat to give sperm one day to rest and then you'll def have it covered.
    I'm so jealous you've had a positive, I'm on CD15 and waiting!
  • I agree with Wispa - night off and then bd on Sat just in case. Good luck booey! X
  • No advice I'm afraid but just wanted to say Hi again booey,
    Hope you're ok? If the baby dust doesn't get sprinkled on us this month we may have to try this smep. Keep me updated how you get on x
  • Hey girls. . Hi ya mooker x. . Yeah we chatted and think we Will wait
    till tomorrow now. . Plus we exhausted lol. . I hope this month is the one.
    Mooker fingers crossed for you as well x x keep you updated x x
  • Sounds like you're in for a good shot this month. Fingers crossed
  • oh i do hope so wispa X x
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