Room for a little one?

i am so happy to be here image

we were going to wait until xmas when LO was 12 months but as it took nearly a year last time we are 'going with the flow' from now, although i am sure it wont be long before the CBFM comes out :lol:


  • hello hunni,welcome back xxxxxx
  • thankyou,

    i am so gutted you are still here! that naughty stork must have got lost!!
    fingers crossed it wont be much longer! x
  • me too chick 25 months now bbooooooooo find it more scary when people i was ttc with are coming back lol image good to see familiar 'face' tho x
  • hopefully we can move over together image
  • yeah chick,would be fab image image
  • Hi hun

    Have spoke to you before but that was when you were pregnant congrats on TTC (relaxed way) for baby no 2.

    I hope you fall quickly this time, was it torture waiting a year am on Month 7 and feel like I will never get pregnant oh well better get back on it!!!

    Practice makes perfect image

  • Thanks hun yeah my cycles rang from 35-44 days at moment so will see am CD29 but no idea when I ov as have had ewcm twice!!!

  • at the time it seemed like forever esp as my cycles were so long, i acctually only had 6 cycles in that year, so not the usual chance every month, but now it seems like no time at all, just like my pregnancy that feels like it wizzed by and the first six months of my sons life,

    good luck, hope you get that nice sticky strong bean soon x
  • hiya and welcome image good luck ttc xxxxx
  • Welcome back!! We started ttc number 2 when our ds was 6 months old but are sadly now on month 8, I hope it happens alot quicker for you this time! x
  • OMG, welcome back hun! Yep im still here!! lol. Ive not given up hope completely but i dont come on here often anymore, just trying to get on with my life. I wish you luck and hope you get your next bfp asap Debs xxxx
  • Welcome back in! Good luck for a nice fast sticky bean.

    Hannah xx
  • lovely to see so many familiar faces and new ones of corse!

    goonie, you left for pregnancy before me last time fingers crossed it wont be long!

    debbiemc, i have been looking about for you for ages! how the diddly are you?

    mrs me, keri-anne and stsarina thankyou image

    look forward to chatting!
  • i just wanted to say yeahhh and good luck with TTC and graduating from planning.
    hope you have much fun ttc no2.
  • thanx funshine image
  • I hope your stay is as short as mine was. My attitude was just to 'see what happened' so I wasn't stressed or anything and bam 2 months later. I am so pleased I didn't have to get technical as i think my cycles would have been long ones...

    Good luck and i hope you get your sticky bean soon xx

  • congrats again shoegal image

    i have all my stuff from last time but we are gonna try go with the flow a bit and hopefully i wont need to dig out my CBFM!
  • Im good thank you hun! I havent given up hope of getting a bfp jus yet but hubby has!! I have decided not to let ttc take over my life anymore though, i used to spend far too much time on here!! lol. I really hope you get another little miracle sooner rather than later, good luck hun. xxx
  • Hi piggypops, I am in the same position as you. My DS is 5 months old & it took 2 years to fall pregnant with him. I am also 37 so don't have time to wait and then for it to take 2 years for me to fall pregnant again so we are also "going with the flow" Good luck chick xx
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