How long does Implantation bleeding last?


I was just wondering if anyone knows how long implantation bleeding lasts and how heavy/light it is?



  • hiya, apparently, it can be just one spot, or can last 1-2 days, just very light spotting tho, light enough to not need a tampon/pad. if that makes sense? not actually a flow. hope that helps?
  • Ah ok. I have had the light pinky spotting which turned into a bit of flow for a few hours and then nothing.
    Usually my periods last over 7 days so this is a bit odd.
    When it stopped it stoped very abruptly too. I put in a pad just in case but really not a lot was there when I go rid of it. Strange!

    It is my first real period off the pill so maybe why it is weird. I think I am about 10DPO and the spotting was 8 DPO and heavier on 9DPO then nothing by the end of the morning.
  • Gosh the internet is a worriers dream! lol
    I have read others who usually have heavy periods had lighter versions, early and for only 1-3 days like me and were pg.
    I also read others saying that anything heavier than a few spots is not implantation.
    I also feel like my boobs are rounder, not heavier but rounder and have had shooting pins/needles pain through one.
    I'm sure its all psychosomatic! But can't help myself! image

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  • that is strange, a remmeber once a girl on here had a 'one day light period' is how she explained it lol, she got her bfp a few das later. u can have a bit of pg bleeding, or could be implantation. maybe test in a few days? good luck! xxxxxxx
  • Yeah I think the only solution is to test in a few days. The SD test I took today was BFN but it does say to wait until 15DPO.
    I am really worried if I am pg as I took an Agnus castus (was so sure it was AF) and these are known to cause issues during implantation. image Scared I have made a big mistake. AC is good for regulating your cycle and keeping them shorter so I wanted them to work for next month but you can't take them between Ov and AF - which I now think I am. image
  • oops! well when did u take ur ac? was it after u started spotting? coz if the spotting had started, surley that means its implanted so by the time ac is in ur system egg should of implanted and is just getting compfy? fingers crossed u should be ok, test in a few more days tho. not much u can do about the ac as uve taken it already, but dont beat urself up about it, i would of done the same thing. try not to worry about something u cant change, fingers crossed u have a sticky bfp coming ur way! x
  • Mrsme - you are a doll. You've made me feel better about the AC. You are right of course.
    I can't change it and I did take it on the morning when the bleeding was brighter so it was prob over if it was implantation.
    Now for a wicked 5 day wait to test again!

    Hope you are getiing on ok?
  • exactly, good luck for testing! fingers crossed! yeah im fine ta, cd20, no + opk yet, so not sure if i have ov'd et or not, but still bd;ing everyother day just in case lol xxx
  • Thanks.
    Is this your first month off the pill? If so you could have a longer cycle this month.
    Keep testing until that line gets really dark though.
  • image been ttc 6 months so that why im starting to worry. hey ho, maybe i just have super long cycles? my last was 34ish days... mmmmm *thinks* xxxxx
  • Try to stay calm - 6 months is still early days in the world of ttc. (Although it doesn't feel like it!)
    Have you tried any supplements to help shorten and regulate your cycle?
    I use starflower oil and have found it really good at balancing the PMS too.
    Hope this is your month chick - certainly sounds like you've given it a good shot x
  • thanks, starflower? ive never heard of that! sounds good, where did u get it? im taking evening primrose but thats all xxx
  • I got it from Holland & Barretts but you can buy it in Saisnburys etc - its similar to EPO but not oestrogenic.
    I can't take EPO for that reason as I have endometriosis.
    Last time I came off the pill (for other treatment) I got severe acne back and this time no spots and I am putting this very much down to settled hormones from taking starflower.
  • oooo ok thanks i will lookk it up. thanks pet image xxxx
  • also have u had acupuncture? i was thinking of having that? heard its also good for endometriosis?
  • Hi
    Yes Acupuncture is one of the alternatives which can help to manage pain but it won't stop the spread of it.
    I've seen some good stories where women had acupuncture around ov.
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