Quick BBT question

Hi ladies, I'm overdue AF by a week now and I'm getting BFN's. I only started doing my temps when AF was due but they remained high all last week, until this morning when they dropped quite steeply.

Does this mean AF is finally on her way?? xx


  • Hi Huni,

    Usually a big drop in temps mean she will arrive in the next 24 hours. Sometimes a temp drop could also mean implantation xx
  • hi yummy mummy2b, thanks hun, that's what I was hoping to hear!! I know for certain it's not implantation, no BD'ing from the week I thought I was ov'ing has made sure of that! but if it means she's finally on her way I can get started on next month image xx
  • My temp dropped on Saturday and I had already started bleeding so I assumed AF (although it's a week early) I didn't know it could drop due to implantation too.... oh I'm so confuuuuuuuuuuuuuused
  • Hi seraphina, your temp will drop at implantation then rise again, normally the next day.
    Huni, loads a babydust for your next cycle hun xxx
  • don't think it is then as it stayed down... sigh
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