Just started my very first 2WW! anyone else??


I've just started my very first 2ww and the wait is already killing me!

Is anyone else just stated? Anyone else feel like TTC has already taken over their brain already?!!

Mrs Cake xx


  • Hi MrsCake, I'm on day 6 of the 2ww but I know exactly how you feel hun, I had to drag myself away from the tests this morning :lol:
    TTC is all I think about these days, I never thought I would become this obsessed, but then again I'm one of those people that has to have everything organised and in control...this is definitely one aspect of my life I have no control over at all and it's driving me mad!! :roll: xx
  • Hi Huni
    I am a complete control freak too! I hate the fact that there is nothing more I can do apart from wait! I am going to have to really try and not let this take over my life but I can see it coming already.

    Fingers crossed for us both image xx
  • :lol: I used to say that too! Now I know resistance is futile image

    Good luck hun!! xx
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