Off pill and waiting for 1st real af is it worth doing opks?

Hi I'm very new to this!!

Finished pill 30th December had normal af after pill end and have been waiting for 1st real af since, is it worth me doing opk's??
Seems like I'm going to wait forever for cycle to come back, I've been taking cactus Angus last few days to assist cycle in coming back.
Wish it would hurry hp so that I knew where I was!!

Good luck and baby dust to everyone x


  • Hi hun, I didn't want to read and run, I think if you want to start then go for it, the only thing I would recommend is maybe buying cheapies from ebay as your cycle hasn't settled yet and you could end up using quite a few, it would cost a fortune if you were buying any of the expensive brands!
    Have you tested for pregnancy at all? I came off the pill and was pregnant within my first month (before my first AF) if I hadn't have been testing for ov from the start I would never have knew I was late

    Good luck hun xx
  • I'd agree with Huni - maybe try some cheapie OPK's from ebay until you get your first AF.

    You could also start tracking your temperature with a basal body thermometre - you can get them from amazon for a couple of quid.

    And then also check your CM - for EWCM around ov time.

    I've been ttc for a year and spent so much on OPK's and HPT's - which with hindsight I could have maybe saved some ??'s on

    But it's all part of the fun of ttc!

    Good luck and lashings of Baby dust to you

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